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10 Stupid Simple Ways To Grow Your Email Marketing List

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first.  Marketing Sherpas research has shown that your email subscriber list is most likely going to degrade by about 22.5% every year.  For various reasons:

  • Subscribers’ email addresses change as they move from one company to another
  • Unqualified leads opt out of your email communications
  • People abandon their old Yahoo address they really never use except for “spam” sites
  • Your email content no longer applies to their needs/desires

Now for the good news…There are tons of easy ways to continue to grow or build your email marketing list back up.  As a marketer it is your job to infuse fresh contacts into your email campaigns that you can keep your numbers growing.  This is done with a little bit of ingenuity and time, not by purchasing or renting a list, as we discussed a few weeks back.

Below is a list of 10 ways to ramp up your email database for free:

Grow it with new content

1) Create a new lead-gen offer such as a free ebook or whitepaper which would be available for download after they provide you with their email.  This is a pretty standard lead-gen move.  Create a landing page with an opt-in form and a teaser about the free item. The page then normally leads the subscriber down an offer flow or deeper into your blog.  

2)Create a free online tool or app.  Again just like the ebook or whitepaper the visitor would supply you with their email address in order to obtain access to the download.  Make sure to make the tool and/or app worthy of their email address offering. 

Grow it with Networking, Traditional Marketing and Advertising

3)  Collect email addresses at tradeshows or other offline events.  There are a ton of industry events everywhere, of course some are much larger than other but even the smallest of crowds could help you grow your database.  Find networking events in your area on sites suchs as MeetUp.com and make sure you are armed with business cards with a link leading them to your lead-gen page.  Of course always remember to send these contacts a welcome email confirming their opt-in to your list.  

4) Host your own offline events.  Not finding any networking events in your area? Host your own using sites like MeetUp.com or other social media platforms.  Send a blast out on Twitter or create a boosted Facebook post.  

5) Host an online webinar or podcast. Collect email addresses at registration.  Remember to make the webinar or podcast valuable not a timewaster.  

6) Add a QR code to your traditional printed marketing campaigns.  People can easily scan them to opt-in to your list.  Plus they just look “new agey.”

Grow it with the help of a partner

7) Host a co-marketing campaign or offer with a partner.  Ask for the help of a partner (should be a known entity – again not a purchased or rented list) to co-promote the lead capture to both his and your own list.  After the launch the list becomes a shared resource.  

8)  Have affiliates run your offer on their website.  You will either have to reciprocate with an equal amount of traffic to your site or set up a pay per subscriber scenario.  

Grow it with Social Media

8)  Add a simple sign up page to your Facebook page.  Yeah, that sounds silly but many people simply overlook this.  There are many different app options to add and set up an email sign-up form to your Facebook page alone. Most email list servers have a custom Facebook app that syncs with your list from Facebook.

Some suggested email sign-up apps are:

9)  Preview or give teasers of premium content via your social channels.  Just as with your lead-gen page, you can give a glimpse of your free ebook or whitepaper and ask for their email information in exchange for the entire download.   Tweet, post, or share excerpts from the ebook/whitepaper to drive interest and traffic to your lead-gen page.  Make sure you include a visual component in each post.

10) Leverage your YouTube channel.  Add call to action and URLs in to all your posted videos that will encourage visitors to subscribe to your list.  

All of the above examples are ways that you can ramp up your email list today.  Many of them are not even too difficult to put into action.  The objective being to stay on top of your list building so that it never truly dies out.  Keep cycling out the dead weight (look for an upcoming article on list segregation), nurturing the veterans, while still growing the fresh subscribers.  

What other ways do you use to grow your list? We would love to hear your ideas!

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Live Video Marketing: Yes, You Can Do It!

We have talked about live video before, however we’ve never taken an in-depth look into the genre.  It seems everyone, including some pretty hefty brand names are dipping their toes in the preverbal live video waters. From major media organizations like Buzzfeed to independent beauty product sellers, streaming video’s potential to reach an engaged, real-time audience has propelled it to the top of most everyone’s “Need to do” list.

First at the starting line, was Twitter with Periscope.  Then came Facebook with a new fangled built in Live video experience that lives right there on your newsfeed. Finally, nipping at everyone’s else’s heels are Snapchat and Instagram with apps made specifically for anything and everything live.

At this stage of the game, many companies have begun asking their own marketing departments to give Live video a whirl.  The results have been mixed: some companies have had instant success and found audiences waiting for their messages, however others have come away with a totally opposite outcome when they failed to gain traction from the get go.

Sure there are already hundreds of go-to prescriptions for success popping up all over the web, the problem with these so called “fail-proof” how-tos is that like other digital marketing channels, live video marketing is also being poorly served by a one size fits all approach. So instead of putting out feather in the same cap as others, we are here to offer more of a road map to better decision making in building your own live customized campaigns.

Choosing a Platform

First things first, where you decide to focus your efforts will help dictate much of your approach. Unlike tractional social media marketing, live video can only be streamed live to one channel at a time (well unless you have several mobile devices). Rather than trying to create content that can be remodeled for several platforms, it’s best to make video experiences that are channel specific.

Your choices:

  • Facebook Live
  • Periscope (Twitter)
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

Facebook has quickly established itself as the most indispensable social media platform and that doesn’t stop with their newest Live addition. It offers significant influence, provides multiple methods for user engagement, and gives companies numerous methods of spreading their reach through user notifications and the ability to save live video sessions as a media item to be watched at anytime on their brand pages.

If your audience is already highly engaged in your brand, Periscope would be a great option.  However, if you believe your brand would be better supported by more of a “storytelling” approach then Instagram and Snapchat would be the way to go.  

Go with the flow

Instead of spending hours, days, or even months producing the perfect piece of content and then publishing it after it’s completion, live streaming video can literally be improved or directed by the viewers feedback as you go.  Most platforms offer instant feedback in various forms such as allowing users to Like and comment as the session takes place. This creates a conversation between the video host and his/her audience.  This allows the viewers the ability to shape the content they are watching.

Test, test, and test again

Just like all other marketing avenues, you should start with broad experiments, trying a wide range of content that explores a vast amount of possibilities while at the same time testing your audience to see what they are most attracted to.

As Forbes pointed out, not every brand will have success with the same types of live content.  For instance, cooking brands might have great success with instructional type videos that showcase recipes and/or products; while sports brands have more success with a Q&A session. You will likely need to test a wide range of video content to see what work best for you and your brand. Ultimately, your audience will dictate the type of content you create.

Ready, Set, Go

Start with a rough script so that you aren’t stumbling over what message you intend to deliver. Keep your content fresh and relevant.  Your live stream shouldn’t feel like a infomercial. Users are more likely to engage with content that is genuine and not a direct pitch. And above all, remember your brand.  Your live stream is meant to represent your company’s brand, so be sure to stay on point.  


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Facebook Ads News You Can Use

Facebook is upping their ad image game. At least in size. New size for Facebook image ads are now, in some cases, 3.5x’s bigger than before.

Mashable reported: meaning advertisers can create ads of different types without needing to send in multiple image sizes. Facebook is also working to encourage ad clicks on the site. Page post link ads, or ads that send a user to a desired landing page linked by the advertiser, will now link from the entire image and text box. Before, a user would need to click on the specified hyperlink within the ad to view the advertiser’s landing page. Now, anywhere you click on the image or text will bring you to the advertiser’s page.

On top of the pretty new big images comes NO increase in price. So at least for now, affiliates will be advertising BIGGER for the same prices they’re paying now.

The good news keeps coming too.

Larger images will also appear on other posts that share a link, not just ads. So if a user shares a link to a news story, that post will contain a full-width image instead of a traditional thumbnail.

BEAUTIFUL. Facebook is really starting to figure out how to tickle an advertiser’s fancy!  These are solid improvements that “should” help advertisers increase click through rates. We’ll see, but logic is on our side.

Here’s what all this new fancy image ad size stuff looks like (click to enlarge – you’re going to want to)

new fb ad size

Now… because the news today has been so damn positive I wanted to keep the ball rolling. That news story is over. BUT – I’ve got a sweet infographic to help you make your ads convert better.

conversion rate optimization infographic

Infographic thanks to eConsultancy

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Blogging Super Tips

There’s a lot more that needs to be done after you’ve installed that blog and set up plugins (although those are necessary steps). WordPress will only take you so far. Let’s take a look at the blogging process from soup to nuts, start to promotion.

wordpress logoPicking a Theme

Thesis –  The “ol’ Standard” in customizable themes. Thesis is referred to as a “framework” leaving a ton of room for customization. It’s uses a systems of “hooks” to allow you to change the theme as you see fit. Personally, I love this theme because its high quality coding and support. However it’s not the most user friendly when it comes to heavy customization. For that, you’ll have to get your hands dirty in some code.

Headway –  This theme is very impressive. It utilizes an ajax system of drag and drop to allow you to create any kind of layout you want. You can create unlimited layouts and customize any page of your site. It’s a great system. There’s a slight learning curve to the interface, but it’s fantastic when you get past that.

Flexability –  I have not used this theme in a couple years. When I did it was very user friendly. Whenever I talk about themes on a webinar someone ALWAYS mentions this theme. So it seems as though this one has many happy customers.

Must Have Plugins

I wrote a blog post called “best WordPress plugins for 2012” It’d be kind of weird to repeat that list or make new one for this post. So go read that post for the best plugins.

Creating Content

1.) Here is an insanely comprehensive post full of links to tutorials on the subject of creating great blog content. Sidenote Problogger is a fantastic resource for all things “blogging.”


2.) Neil Patel is an inspiringly brilliant Internet marketer. His content is always thoughtful, detailed, and most importantly actionable. I look up to his writing style when it comes to creating killer content. Here’s a post he wrote about writing content that goes viral


Review quicksprout’s content. Seriously. Spend some time there and look over several posts. You’ll be blown away by the quality and detail of the info he provides.


Oh no, this is sooo not the same as writing great content. Copywriting is part science and part art. Probably more of the latter. Learn this well and you’ll be able to sell or presell any product you want.

1.) CopyBlogger – The name says it all, right? Actually this site is jam packed with great info on most things related to IM. Their copywriting info is always top of the line. Here’s a great post on writing copy that speaks to your potential customers desire.


2. The copywriter’s crucible has been a go to resource for me for a while now. Here’s a great post full of pithy tips that will make your copy better instantly.


Content Marketing

So you’ve got a highly attractive and functional blog with great content and copy. What now? Marketing. Now it’s time for marketing to build readership.

1.) Back to copyblogger – Check out this page. It’s designed and written to get you to opt into their email list. During this process they give you some absolutely brilliant advice and links to articles on the topic. There are two lessons here. One is in the words you’re reading. One is in the presentation of the words you’re reading.


2.) OnlinePRNews – This post speaks specifically to press releases. However it’s a must read. You’ll get solid strategy and how to info here, not to mention a great PR service 🙂


Social Media Marketing

If you don’t know that you should be doing social media by now there’s no hope for you. Sorry. But for those of you who did know this here are a couple great resources.

1.) Hubspot – This company constantly publishes high quality content. Here is a curation post they did in 2011 about social media. Yes I know, it’s 2012. I still think you’ll find these tips useful.


2.) Social Media Examiner – This site specializes in social and they do that very well. Here is a more recent article full of social media tips you can use today.


What do you think of these blogging tips? Any other topics you’d like to see great info about?

Let me know in the comments below

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