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Recovering From Panda & Penguin

There’s been a lot of fuss over zoo animals lately. It’s not without warrant either. Google’s most recent updates have wreaked havoc on SEOs and webmasters alike.

Let’s take a look at what these updates were all about and what you can do to recover from them.


PANDA – What it Was (Roll Out Date April 19th)

Unlike Penguin which targeted spam techniques, Panda was designed to target content that was low quality.

Panda Recovery Suggestions

  • Create unique meta titles and descriptions for every page
  • Remove low quality or duplicate content from your site
  • Reduce your ad to content ratio
  • Increase quality of content (Edit grammar, increase research, include sources)
  • Fix broken links within your site
  • Reduce bounce rate
  • Increase stick rate
  • Decrease site load time

PENGUIN – What It Was (Roll Out Date April 24th)

This was an algorithmic change, as opposed to a human reviewer picking your site out. This update was designed to fight off common spam techniques that game the search engines.

Penguin Focused On The Following:

  • Aggressive exact-match anchor text
  • Overuse of exact-match domains
  • Low-quality article marketing & blog spam
  • Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links

Penguin Recovery Suggestions

  • Rebuild spammy links with legitimate link sources
  • Repurpose de-ranked site’s content onto a new domain and start over
  • Submit a request to this form for reconsideration (if you think you were incorrectly penalized) – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dEVxdmdRWFJRTjRoLWZVTHZkaTBQbkE6MQ
  • Increase quality links pointing to all pages of your site
  • Increase anchor text variation (over linking using the same anchor text was a big factor in this update)
  • Reduce internal link building (reduce does not mean to stop)

These updates shook up the SERPs in a big way. If you were part of the fall out, I’m sorry, I feel your pain. It’s unfortunate but this is part of SEO. This doesn’t mean that SEO is dead. This simply means we have a new set of rules to play by.

Here are general Do’s and Don’ts in the new SEO climate:


  • Use spun content on your money site (duh!)
  • Keyword stuff content
  • Over link using the same anchor text
  • Delete Your Links (unless they are on a de-indexed blog network)
  • Fill footers with overly optimized content OR links
  • Buy exact match domains
  • Use doorway pages


  • Use all unique content on money site
  • Create content with large word counts 600+
  • Use a wide variety of anchor text in backlinking to the same page
  • Optimize pages for more than one keyword phrase
  • Use naked links in link building activities (no anchor text)
  • Use aged domains
  • Remove low quality content from your site (spun, low word count, swiped)


Were you hit by one of these updates? Give us a shout in the comments!

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