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How To Approach People at Networking Events

You have heard this a million times, if not more, “One of the key strategies for every entrepreneur is to build, maintain, and nurture a network.”  For many this comes naturally. The gift of gab some would say.

Although approaching others at a networking event, should be more than just about gabbing. You should have a clear and concise plan for how to work the room.

With Affiliate Summit East 2018 coming up in just a few months, it’s important to have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed so to speak when it comes to what your overall strategy is regarding networking the event.

To make the most out of your time at Adtech, or any other networking event, be sure to employ the following tips:

Have a topic of conversation ready.

No! We are not saying to have this weird candy bar in your pocket, ready to share.  We are just saying that it’s best to avoid the interview setting, which is what happens when the conversation goes a something like this:

You: “So what do you do?”

Them:  “I do this.”

Them: “What do you do?”

That is more on the lines of fact sharing, not an insight into what the other person might have to offer you intellectually.  It’s certainly not connecting or networking.

Instead, have a clear topic of conversation in mind before approaching someone.

Start with a handshake.

The type of handshake you extend to someone has the ability to speak volumes about you and your intentions.  When approaching someone new at a networking event, start off on the right foot (er hand) with a firm handshake and unwavering eye contact.  Accompany both with a welcoming smile. This type of nonverbal communication will help you to build a good rapport before word one is even uttered.

Make yourself interesting.

You should strive to memorable when you are meeting new people, and one of the best ways to accomplish this is by coming off as interesting.  Possibly tell a story as it relates to the conversation, charm them with your wit, and of course have plenty of business cards on hand to leave behind with people that  you have met.

Win the name game.

Personally I’m horrible with names.  I might very well forget my own someday.  However, when it comes to business contacts remembering names is an essential skill to the art of conversations.

When others hear you repeat their name, it gives them a sense of connection to you and of course the conversation.  They are also left with the impression that they felt important to you. Be careful though not to overkill the name dropping, because that can quickly come off as creepy.  It often helps me to repeat their name silently to myself as if to anchor it into my memory bank.

At the end of the conversation after they are out of view, write their name on the back of their business card in your own handwriting and add a little note that relates to the conversation and/or their business.  This will hopefully help to jog your member about who they are when you study your cards later.

Show genuine interest.

Speaking of business cards, many marketers I’ve come in contact with over the years at the networking events use a popular but ineffective approach to networking.  Instead of using the opportunity to build relationships, they just go around collecting and handing out a many business cards as they can.

To effectively form professional connections, you should approach everyone with genuine interest in their business, interests, thoughts, and niche.

When conversating attempt to as open-ended question to both show sincerity and continue to keep the discussion flowing.

End the conversation with grace.

The last moments of a conversation will define how people remember you.  Try to make the ending of the meeting solid and memorable, instead of being strangely abrupt which could be construed as rude.

Take a moment to make the final eye contact with the person, so that it doesn’t seem as you are running away.

Networking events are a fabulous way to market yourself and your business. Take this valuable opportunity to develop new relationships.  

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The Moscow Affiliate Conference is happening on March 29th! Are you going?

Want to become part of the Moscow Affiliate Community? Well now’s your chance!

I’m talking about The Moscow Affiliate Conference 2018 on March 29th. For the third time, this awesome event is going down right in the heart of Russia! With great networking opportunities and an exclusive exhibition location, MAC is an awesome conference that should definitely be on your radar.

More than 2,500 attendees will participate in the networking hall, conference hall, chill zone, speed networking area and entertainment zone. There’s always so much to do, which is another reason why I really like this show.

As always, the show is hosted by two of the industry’s leading faces:

– STM Forum – One of the best Global Affiliate Source’s.

– Leadbit – A fantastic International CPA Network and direct advertiser.

You can also plan to meet with Yeahmobi, TrafficStars, ExoClick, Mobilife+, ClickDealer, MGID, CrakRevenue, Admitad, Advendor, Avazu, Kingfin, IQ Option, Mundo Media, & Codewise. Even the Russian Search giant Yandex will be in attendance.

With so many professionals, digital marketers and affiliates in one place, it’s easy to see why people attend this conference. Networking, networking and more networking! 🙂

The Moscow Affiliate Conference will have 4 exclusive Expert Talks. Topics to be covered include Facebook, e-commerce, crypto, traffic monetization, as well as personal stories and tactics from real Super Affiliates to help your business grow!

Here’s a brief overview of how the conference schedule will look like:

– March 28th

Affiliate Football Cup & Official Pre-Party at CPA Loft – a residence for Moscow super affiliates.

– March 29th

The Official Conference Day & After-Party

– March 30th

The unforgettable Admitad Lounge – a chill conclusion for all of us hard workers. 🙂

The best part about this show is the Official Moscow Affiliate Conference After-Party! If you’ve never been, you’re in for an awesome night. This year is going to be even crazier than before, so if you plan on attending, let’s just say I’m definitely a little jealous. Lol.

All TOP affiliates can RSVP Now Here

Just make sure you fill in all the information about your contact details and industry experience and then you’re in!

You can also email the MAC Team directly at: 2018@affiliateconf.com

Moscow Affiliate Conference – keep on rocking!

Website: http://affiliateconf.com/


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Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party by STM Team and Leadbit Group is back!

The conference was held this spring and eventually became the first worldwide affiliate conference in Russia and got a crazy feedback from top affiliates all over the world.

It was an exciting spring event: around 1500 attendees, networking among the tops of CPA marketing, international reports and, of course, awesome evening after party with unofficial communication. Take a look:

MAC & Party Video
MAC & Part FB Page
MAC & Party Site

STM Team (STM Forum thought leaders and organizers of Affiliate World Conferences in Europe & Asia) and Leadbit Group (base company for Leadbit.com and MediaVenus projects) have thoroughly prepared for the Autumn Edition to be remembered even more! This time we will meet even more international companies and guests from abroad in Moscow.

It is on September 28th that more than 100 companies from around the world will come to Moscow and represent their business at 40 exhibition stands. A series of industry speeches in several languages from recognized community TOPs (with simultaneous translation), several round tables with the most uncomfortable questions and a few prepared surprises for the second day!

The conference will smoothly pass into a grandiose afterparty, in scope not inferior to the spring! The abundance of guests, unlimited alcohol and hookahs, beautiful girls and a show program with a Russian scope – will leave no one indifferent! Informal communication is the key to the success of any business!

MAC&P is thoroughly entrenched as a place where TOP level affiliates from internet and affiliate marketing can meet each other. It was a record made this spring for such a level of events in the CIS!

Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party Autumn Edition is a perfect chance to establish new business contacts in the CIS market, discuss cooperation face to face with industry leaders and also relax and enjoy incredible Moscow!

We would like to invite you to attend Moscow Affiliate Conference & Party Autumn Edition.
Details – http://affiliateconf.com
September 28, 2017.
Yes, in Moscow, Russia again!

Any questions about applying for Russian visa? Don’t worry, we help. Moreover, here is the SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE for offervault subscribers. Just type OFFERVAULT when you sign up and you will get 50% discount. Yep!

It is our great honor to have you as our guest. Welcome!

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5 Tips To Get You Noticed At Your Next Marketing Event

Both big and small marketing events such as AdTech and Social Media Week often have even the most outgoing marketers huddling in the corner. Coming from someone that sometimes has difficulties breaking the ice in social situations, you all have my sympathies. It can indeed be a daunting task to have numerous networking possibilities right at arm’s length but have absolutely no idea where to even start with your conversation.

There are some sure-fire ways to beat that anxiety knot brewing in your stomach. Tips and tricks that will both make you look and feel confident.  

Here are a few tips to capture the attention of potential clients and associates.

Get Social (Media)

The time to begin putting yourself out there to both clients and prospective customers is not when you walk through the convention doors, but weeks to a month in advance of the event.  This does not mean sending out (email) blasts after blasts filled with mysterious and obnoxious hints that promise them the moon.  Instead, take the reality approach by simply informing your contacts that you will be at the event and that  your booth (if your business should have one) is worth visiting. If you don’t have a booth, possibly choose a restaurant, diner, or pub with a meeting time.

Make a Plan

When you are prepared and have a plan, you are more likely to walk out of the networking event with the right connections. Before you even pack your bags for your next event, do a little research and find out who is going and who isn’t.

  • Make a list of the people that you would like to connect with.
  • Choose those that you believe will further your professional goals.
  • Take the list with you, if you walk into the event and freeze, pull the list out and regroup.

Dress for Impact

Like it or not, how you look is often the first thing that others notice about you. Often, within a few seconds of walking into an event room, others have formed an opinion about you just based solely on what you are wearing.

Not only will an appropriate outfit give you confidence, you are less likely to get looked passed when you approach that guru you have been following for over a decade.  

Let the outfit of your choice speak for you. Your outfit can tell others a lot about who you are.  Rather than choosing an outfit that blends you into the crowd as a whole, pick something that will have you standing out apart from the masses. High-contrast colors and bold styles are a start.

Instead of throwing on your everyday suit, think about what can give you that little extra pop. Red your color? Choose a bright red tie, socks, or even blazer. 

Have an Elevator Speech Prepared

Of course, people are going to ask about you, your business, and your plans for growth. Be able to explain what you do and why you do it in about 30 seconds. If you can weave in a short story with it all the better.  People tend to remember or associate people with tidbits of information that they can recall easily.  

Use Your Voice

Nerves often tend to bring out the worst in us. For instance, up swinging your voice at the end of a sentence will cause your statement to sound more like a question. Another common mistake that can deter others from you and your business pitch is filling your sentences with the word “like” or the dreaded “Umm.”

Gurus and other networking starts speak with purpose and certainty.  They know exactly what they are going to say and aren’t afraid to say it. By lowering the tone of their voices just enough to command attention, they exude the confidence of someone that knows their subject backwards and forwards. A confident voice is the finishing touch to your confident, powerful image.  


Getting noticed at marketing events shouldn’t be a daunting task or one that has you breaking out in hives.  Use the above tips to project confidence and pretty soon you will feel it too.


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