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3 Key SEO Strategies That Will Hurt Your Business

The use of SEO isn’t a new tool to the marketing game, but a core building device in the quest to enhance any online business. However, while SEO is considered a must in creating an online business that not only gets page views, but one that actually converts; the same trends could actually harm your quest to succeed.  

A great deal of people dreaming of entrepreneur or even solopreneurship start an online business of some sort every single day, yet most of them crash and burn within the first year and the remaining aren’t turning enough profit to make it worth the effort.  Some, if not a big part of the majority, make use of SEO strategies yet still end up becoming a major disappointment for their founders.

What does it all mean?

The failure of even the most well thought out and researched of online businesses might imply that SEO isn’t always the golden slot machine of marketing strategies that some claim. Even though it is in fact  a core tool used in enhancing millions of successful companies world wide, SEO for business should never be used “willy nilly” or without a solid plan.

What direction to take.

With over 2 million web pages available for the search term “SEO Techniques,” it is no wonder that many fall victim to fake or out-of-date claims to success using this or that SEO strategy. To ensure SEO works for your online business, certain techniques must be avoided at all costs. This strategies have been proven to not help your business effort but actually do harm to your efforts. Below is a list of three key SEO strategies which must be avoided in order to obtain the best gains in your business venture.

  1. Keyword Stuffing

The threat behind keyword stuffing has been confirmed to have harmful effects to your website ranking. Too many keywords in web content is simply overkill and could have your page spiraling down the viewer’s search page faster than a speeding bullet.

Instead of stuffing your content with a heaping ton of keywords, why not focus on creating quality content that reaches your target audience. It’s important to avoid stretching beyond the 2% density of keywords in your content.

  1.  Tons of Backlinks

It’s fine to fill your content up with backlinks, as long as they are relevant and something that will appeal to your target audience. Again, like most things in life, quality trumps quantity in a landslide win. One of the worst mistakes people tend to make is placing their focus on incorporating a large amount of links on their sites not realizing that quality overrules quantity hands down.

Link building is an easy SEO strategy that pretty much anyone that churns out content or pays any bit of attention to their incoming and outgoing traffic sources uses. This strategy can easily award an online business owner with a ton of links.  However, most people fail to examine the quality of links they are getting. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers and forget to look at the bigger picture.

The same rule applies when sending all of your SEO power to your homepage via built links. Instead you should be building out content rich subpages in your site that target the key phrases that you wish to rank for.  

  1. Lacking Content Rich Pages

If you want others to link to your site naturally, then you should start by creating (or higher others to create) quality content. Quality content appeals to your target audience. If you aren’t doing that then having a ton of links pointing at your page won’t look natural.  And un-natural is not a good look for Google.

Google simply won’t “believe” that a post with 400 or so words would naturally get 100+ links pointing right at it. However, a quality article of the same 400 or so words can and will bring in hundreds of links on it’s merit alone.

The three no-no strategies above can be easily axed from your repertoire. Yet by avoiding them your business efforts could see very drastic and appealing outcomes in the end.

What techniques or strategies work the best for you?  We would love to hear all about them in the comments below.

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negative seo

What Is Negative SEO?

Negative SEO is alive. It’s alive and it’s yet another “scary” SEO factor to keep an eye on. It may be happening to one of your sites at this very moment, secretly drawing unwanted attention.

So what is it?

I referred to negative SEO as “reverse SEO” recently in the post “Google Wants You To Delete Your Spammy Links, ASAP.”

Negative SEO is the practice of building (aka spamming) a boat load of links to a competitors site in order to get them penalized by Google. It’s a scary proposition when you think about the impact this could have in competitive environments.

Theoretically, right now, any of your sites that rank well could be in the process of getting ‘shot gunned” out of their position. All it takes is one savvy competitor with access to a lot of fast, cheap spam links, and they’re off to the races.

And who doesn’t have access to cheap, abundant links? Anyone ever heard of Fiverr.com?

Speaking of fiverr, there’s already a gig offering negative SEO. If it’s on fiverr it’s pretty safe to say that this concept has gone fairly mainstream. You can even find full blow websites dedicated to the service of negative SEO – negativeseo.me

Don’t think this is real? Just ask Dan Thies of seofaststart.com (a well known SEO guru in IM). Some smart underground fellas over on this forum started a negative SEO campaign on Dan’s site to see the effects (I gather there was some sort of “beef” with Dan, I’ve got no comment or skin in that game – only interested in the topic at hand).

Well the results are in and negative SEO was effective.

You can even see Dan looking for advice on how to deal with this attack here.

So what’s a webmaster to do?

That’s a great question that I don’t have a clear answer to right now. If you find yourself victim of such an attack I feel bad for you. Short of monitoring this activity with Google Webmaster Tools and requesting reinstatement directly from Google – I don’t know what else you can do.

Google’s been made aware of the situation. Hopefully in time this will disappear like markov written content from 2001. Until then, good luck to you.

Which side of the fence are you on? Will you shot gun your competition into oblivion? Or will you continue on doing what you’re doing?

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