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The Brand-New Mobidea Academy is now Live!

Mobidea is one of the most innovative affiliate networks around, having proved its status as a trailblazer some months ago, upon releasing an amazing new platform with Tracker Capabilities.

Now, the mobile affiliate network is at it again.

Proving that its bet on education continues to be a remarkable investment, Mobidea has announced that a new Mobidea Academy has now been released.

Users can now explore one of the most popular educational platforms in the industry.

From now on, users can discover a whole new platform which has a responsive and colorful design, as well as a number of fantastic surprises for both newbies and more experienced marketers.

This brand-new Mobidea Academy can boast about a video section. This is where affiliates from all over the world can watch videos in which important aspects of the affiliate network are explained.

These “Learn the Platform” videos are basically guides for affiliates to watch.

The company can also brag about the creation of Learning Paths which are basically sets of articles.

Each article set – Learning Path – has a particular level of difficulty.

This will effectively allow affiliates to actually be educated by the network, starting from posts created for beginners until they reach much more complex articles. This is quite the tool, as it clearly ensures affiliates get an education that’s well structured.

The Affiliate Guides are also a new addition to the Mobidea Academy. Users will have the chance of inserting their email and of getting a free guide focused on affiliate marketing, native advertising, media buying, etc.

The Affiliate Glossary is another absolutely unprecedented page which will certainly help affiliates understand all the information the industry has to offer.

The new Mobidea Academy is a tremendous educational investment.

One that Mobidea is more than happy to make.

Now, the time has come for you to actually check this new platform!

Experience a new Mobidea Academy!

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Earn $3000 on Mobidea’s Sweepstakes Disco Contest

Mobidea has created a brand-new contest for all its affiliates.

The Sweepstakes Disco contest will reward affiliates who earn money with sweepstakes offers on Mobidea’s affiliate network.

The contest starts on August 21st and ends on September 21st.

Affiliates who participate can hope to win up to $3000.

The main winner will earn 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $2500.

There will also be a “random winner”, who will win 10% extra Revenue Share, up to $500.

Any affiliate who applies using this link and who states their Mobidea email address and the alias they’d like to be known by can be a part of this contest. Terms & Conditions apply.

The affiliate who manages to generate more revenues on Sweepstakes offers during the contest will be announced as the winner on September 22nd.

This master will get 10% extra revenue share credit on their account.

That amount is gonna be calculated based on revenues generated on Sweepstakes offers during the month of October, and up to $2.500. Terms & Conditions apply.

As for the “random winner”, it can be any contestant who’s able to generate more than $500 on Sweepstakes offers throughout the duration of the contest.

This specific winner will be announced on September 22nd.

The lucky prize winner will earn 10% extra Revenue Share credit on their account.

This amount will be calculated based on revenues generated during October, and up to $500. Terms & Conditions apply.

Check the official announcement here!

Terms & Conditions

-Revenues will be counted as criteria to qualify for the prizes from the moment the user applies to this contest.
-Each account can only win one of the available prizes.
-Affiliates can only be eligible for the prizes in case they earn a minimum of $500 in revenues while promoting Sweepstakes.
-Affiliates must comply with Mobidea’s Terms and Conditions.
-Mobidea has the right to make all decisions as far as an affiliate’s eligibility for the performance bonus is concerned.
-The affiliates who meet the eligibility requirements for the prize will receive it as credit on their account during November’s first week.
-The only aspect considered as effective basis for the extra revenue share is the affiliate’s campaign earnings. Bonuses, incentives, or referral commissions are excluded from the calculation of the $500 of minimum revenue users need so as to be eligible for this specific contest.
-Ad networks, CPA networks, affiliate networks, and non-approved affiliates are not going to be eligible for any prizes.
-Prizes will be sent to the affiliate’s account on Mobidea using the account’s set currency, calculated at the exchange rate for that specific day.
-When applying to the contest, affiliates should provide the email they use on Mobidea.
-The draw for the “Lucky Star” prize will be held on September 22nd, 2017 through https://www.random.org.
-The “Disco King” will be announced on September 22nd, 2017.
-Winners will be announced on Mobidea’s Social Media pages, Forum contest threads, Mobidea’s News page, and directly by email between the 22nd and 26th of September 2017.
-Send an email to onlinemarketing@mobidea.com in the event that you have any questions.

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