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Avoid These 3 Common Mistakes When Selling Online

It happens time and time again: budding entrepreneurs create what they believe is a very good product, but are stuck (or suck) on how to sell it.  Most forget that having a successful business entails so much more than just the product. One also needs to learn the art of selling online.

Unfortunately many people are seduced by the “get rich quick” songs being chanted in various forms around the net. Theses decits have people believing that setting up a business online is as simple as a few clicks of the mouse, some keywords, and a shopping cart.  True, it isn’t rocket science, but the process is a little more involved than those commercials would lead you to believe.

To avoid the bad taste left in your mouth from a BizOp (Business Opportunity) course gone bad, I will share with you some common mistakes to avoid when learning to sell online.

3 Errors to avoid if you want to sell online

1. Failing to Do Market Research

When I first started my online Etsy store, I created about 4 products and quickly had my first sale. It wasn’t long after that, I started churning out products left and right. Though I have a background in marketing and know the importance of market research, I was having so much fun creating the new items that I went on a “creation spree” without doing any market research to see if the new items would actually convert. Though many of the ideas were fun to make, they didn’t sell, making it harder to generate an initial profit.

Jitpal Kocher, founder of Lionsmark, recommends doing one thing really well instead of bouncing from product to product. “Put an emphasis on a singular product type with different themes or the same theme across different products rather than being all over the place,” stated JitPal. “Let people find you because you make really cool movie poster spoofs rather than having a collection that isn’t connected together.”

Now, I spend a great deal of time conducting various forms of market research before I even begin to create a new product.

2. Doing Everything Yourself

Running an online business does not have to be a one man (or woman) show. Learn where your strengths are and focus on those, and simply outsource the rest.

Cathryn Lavery, founder of BestSelf Co recalls: “The biggest mistake we had was trying to do it all ourselves. We would have hired faster, put the right people in the right places. Undervaluing key positions like customer support was an initial mistake we made. Now we recommend hiring great customer support within the country you operate from to look after your customers. Don’t try to farm it out at $5 an hour overseas.”

Don’t burn yourself out on the tasks that you either have to take copious amounts of precious time learning or you simply aren’t good at.  Instead spend the precious time hiring someone that both knows how to perform the tasks at hand or is simply better at it than you.

These tasks could be anything from copywriting to customer service management.

3. Under or Overpricing Your Products

It is always important to take into account all forms of overhead before landing on a final public price.  This should include shipping, returns, taxes, listing fees (if any), web hosting, etc.

“Margins and cash flow are everything,” said Nate Ginsberg an e-commerce entrepreneur. “E-commerce can be VERY expensive. And you can often lose money and not even know it if you don’t know your numbers.”

Have you become victim to any of the pitfalls above? Or maybe one (or more) that weren’t listed.  We would love to hear all about your success and failures in the comments below.


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How to Prepare a Good Affiliate Marketing Research Paper

What is affiliate marketing?

Many people has discovered the excitement of the affiliate marketing environment and some of them have experienced the benefits which comes with being an affiliate and some of them have already earned a substantial amount of money because of their involvement in this industry. However the majority of people today do not have a clue of what this is all about and how affiliate marketing could benefit them and even provide them with an additional income. Basically affiliate marketing is a merely an Internet-based system where affiliates is rewarded when they refer a specific product to other businesses or even individuals. In fact the more sales which result from such a referral the more money could an affiliate marketer potentially earn. There are some similarities to the way in which the real estate market operates because under most conditions the real estate agent will earn a substantial amount of commission based on the number of homes which is sold in any particular month. Even though the property which is sold by the agent does not belong to them, they are acting on behalf of their clients which then results in compensation for their assistance in the selling of that property.


Other role players in affiliate marketing

The most important participants in any affiliate marketing situation will always be the merchant and this is basically the individual or the business who owns the manufactured product which is now marketed by the affiliate marketer. Marketing has become a very sophisticated business and there is a lot of avenues available to merchant to encourage the consumer to purchase a product. Now when it comes to the affiliate marketer whenever someone purchases a product because of the efforts of the affiliate marketer then they will earn a certain percentage of the money which was generated by the sale. Therefore even though the affiliate marketer does not own any products or services of their own they can still share in the good fortunes of merchant simply by promoting the products of that merchant and by doing so they can earn a substantial amount of money depending on the amount of effort which has been made. There are many people interested in affiliate marketing today and this is why writing excellent research papers on affiliate marketing topics can really help people to gain a better understanding of this exciting opportunity. Doing so effectively may require a considerable amount of research in order to ensure that the article has the necessary information to provide readers with satisfactory content.


How can this be accomplished?

There are many excellent websites such as JVzoo.com and what affiliates will do is to place links to their websites or blogs where they have their own content which is dealing with interesting and current things which is popular among people today. The more traffic which passes through that website the greater will be the chance that someone will click on that product link and then end up purchasing the product which will then earn the affiliate marketer commission on that sale. The more times this happens the greater will be the financial benefits to the affiliate marketer. This is providing people with interesting opportunities, because even though they may not have an exciting product or service to offer to consumers they can now take advantage of the products and services which belongs to merchants. This process will work a lot better if the affiliate marketer already has a website or blog which is carrying a lot of traffic because this is essential in order to ensure that a large number of people will have access to that product link, hopefully resulting in a high number of sales. We live in a society which fires on knowledge about a wide variety of topics and this is exactly why composting affiliate marketing research papers wherein all of the issues regarding affiliate marketing is discussed can have many benefits for people who are considering such an opportunity. There are many professional freelance writers who has the required skills and expertise to provide the consumer with useful content.


You need to be able to carry traffic

For the system to really work effectively you need to have access to thousands of consumers, preferably millions because the more people who visit your website or blog, the better will be the exposure for that product which you are trying to refer to the consumer. To establish a successful website or blog could take a lot of time and effort because you need to address issues which will be interesting to the majority of people and which will ensure that the people frequently return to the website and blog for more interesting information. This is why the content which is posted on your website or blog has to be high quality content which is certain to attract the attention of people. You can either write this content yourself or you could make use of professional writers which is associated with professional essay writing sites. There are a large number of very successful websites and blogs all over the World Wide Web and a substantial number of these website is generating a substantial amount of profits through those websites. Affiliate marketing just like any other investment opportunity requires people to have critical need to know information and one way in which to ensure that people are well informed is through affiliate marketing research papers where the subject has been carefully researched thereby allowing the article writer to provide useful and satisfactory content.

Some of the indisputable benefits of affiliate marketing

Many people do not like the constraints of a normal 9-to-5 job and for them affiliate marketing can provide the opportunity to adopt their own schedule and to do their own thing without the constant nagging of a superior which is watching over their back. However when making the decision to become an affiliate marketer, it will be important to remain disciplined and committed and you must have a very specific goal which you would like to achieve, such as a certain amount of money which you need to earn within a reasonable amount of time and this will be very important in order to ensure that the affiliate marketing thing will work for you. However as soon as you’re hard work starts to generate meaningful results, you will have the liberty of spending your time as you see fit. You will become the master of your own destiny and you will be in total control of your life and your time. Once the foundation for your affiliate marketing business has been laid you will actually generate passive income even when you’re doing nothing. This is similar to a person owning a property, they will continue to earn money from the renting of that property without the need to do any real work. Likewise when you have a successful website which is attracting a lot of traffic and you have affiliate links which can redirect clients to the product which you are marketing then you will be earning money passively while you are in Venice on vacation.


Article written by Amber McKinney


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Spy Tools for Profit – Video Post

This week I have done a video on the competitive intelligence tools that we utilize.  After I mentioned in the post last week about how we use spy tools I was literally flooded with questions about the specific tools we use.  Thus, I’ve put together a quick video showing the exact tools we use and how we use them to create killer campaigns.

I also tie into a previous article with regard to going “wide” with demographic research.

Happy Spying!!!

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