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Get More Exposure Now

It doesn’t matter what you call it – public relations, online exposure, brand recognition – every website could use more of it. More exposure equals more traffic and hopefully more sales. It’s a fundamental principle to running a web business.

The thing about exposure is that it isn’t as straightforward as other means of getting traffic. It’s not the same as paying for clicks or getting ranked for keywords that send you traffic. Exposure is one part relationship, one part paid placement, one part viral, and one part luck. Let’s take a look at a few ways you could get more exposure for your site.

Guest Posting

Personally, I think this one is too overlooked in IM and more specifically affiliate marketing. You know what this is – we’ve talked about guest blogging tips before. This form of exposure is a relationship game. Sure there are guest blog networks that will connect you for a fee. But the best guest blogging spots are attained by creating a relationship with an authority site in your market.


These clever graphics display massive amounts of data for educational purpose. They became really popular a couple of years ago. They’re still cool but have dwindled in popularity a bit.

Neil Patel wrote a great piece called 5 Ways to Get Your Infographics to Go Viral. This is a must read guide that will help your infographic promotion process. While others are creating infographics that sit and go stale, you’ll be creating an asset that gets linked, shared, and tweeted. That’s exposure at it’s best.

Paid Press Releases

There are a lot of cheap promoters out there. You know who you are. Paying for a press release can sometimes have amazing results. Have a pro write a solid PR for you and submit it to prweb.com or prnewswire.com

Check out what John Hall says about paid PR’s in a guest post on ThinkTraffic.net

You are able to include links in the paid version, and there’s a better chance you’ll get picked up by high-quality publications. However, don’t think that just because you paid, you’ll get a great result.
Write a strong press release, or get help doing it, so it will actually get picked up. After these publications find you, your article may be relegated to a low-traffic area, but you can still add the badge to your site. Now that you know how easy it can be, it makes you consider how much many of those “As Seen In” badges cost!

What else are you doing to get more exposure for your site, brand, or product? Let us know in the comment section

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3 Reasons Infographics are Great for SEO

Infographics are great tools for SEO.  Any site owner that wants to improve their site metrics and eventually their rankings should be using infographics to some degree.

Here’s why

Reason #1 – Infographics Increase Stick Rates

The new school of SEO practice put a heavy emphasis on stick rates (amount of time a visitor spends on your site).  If visitors are staying on your site it means they like the content (or at least are intrigued enough to stay – content that makes people mad also has a high stick rate)  Good stick rates tell the search engines your site’s content is good!

Reason #2 – Infographics are Viral by Nature

Thinking about creating a link bait piece?  Want to build super high quality links?  Infographics can do both for you.  Put some thought into creatingagreatinfographic and your site will be rewarded with traffic and links your competitors only WISH they could have.

Reason #3 – Infograhics Get Liked (or stumbled, or shared, or tweeted)

Ok ok, so maybe this one is just an extension of #2.  This one is technically #2.5 then.  People really “like” infographics.  They’re pretty, interesting, and fun to learn from.  It only makes sense that this type of content get’s socially “liked” more than traditional articles.

Soical signals have proven to be very influential in search engine rankings.  Increase these and you’ll likely see increased organic results too.

There you have it.  3 (or 2.5 depending how you look at it) AMAZING SEO benefits to creating infographics.  These are great and all but what good is an article on “graphics” without some actual graphical material?  It only makes sense.

Here are some killer infographic examples from various industries:

1. UFCChampionsbythenumbers

The image below isn’t the entire infographic.  Click the link above to check out the whole thing. It may not be your favorite topic, but there’s a lot to learn from this one.  It’s very easy to read.  It has very clear graphical cues that guide your eye.  There are a lot of infographics out there that suffer from a clear organizational flow.



This one may not contain as much “data” as the one above, but it’s very very pretty.  This is a visually appealing stick rate magnet.  How you display the data is just as important as what data you’re displaying.

3.  History of Beer

There are countless infographics about some very serious topics.  That’s all well and good, but there’s nothing wrong with having a little fun with your topic either.


Let us know what you think of these examples in the comments below.  Got any great infographic ideas?

This Article was brought to you by: Dustin Bow

Dustin Bow is on the cutting edge of Internet Marketing.  His 8 years of experience in SEO, affiliate marketing, teaching, and consulting combines to create a unique voice in our industry.  He writes from an “in the trenches” perspective any level of marketer could find useful in their own campaigns.

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