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When the traffic source matters: CPA cases with Clickadu Ad Network

The fact that Clickadu Ad Network has been successful throughout the recent years сan be proved by its being shortlisted for the Industry Choice of Network, a world nomination arranged by International Performance Marketing Awards 2017. It is one of the 3 independent nominations made by third parties – clients or partners. The organizers of the event say, the flow of applications was enormous, so to get into the shortlist is already an achievement.

Clickadu is a huge traffic source delivering now about 180M+ impressions daily from 240 GEOs which bring their advertisers over 210K+ conversions per day. The ad network is rather young, almost 3 years on the market, but rapidly growing and performing impressive results. If we look back at the figures of November 2014 we could see 30M impressions and over 7K conversions per month. In March 2015 the guys introduced a smartlink monetization solution and a few months later publishers received their own self-serve platform. In the mid-2016 Clickadu recorded 410M impressions and 172K conversions per month.

Just in half a year the figures enormously increased up to over 1.4B impressions and 836K conversions. In June 2016 a self-serve platform for advertisers was launched with a CPM model available. The number of impressions reached 2 billion per month. The last autumn was really fruitful: the availability to work via RTB, the CPA model for the self-serve platform, the Anti-AdBlock code for publishers ensuring a higher fill-rate, the official WordPress plugin. By the end of the last year Clickadu was serving over 3B impressions and 1.1M per month.

Recently the guys introduced IP Capping into the SSP and upgraded Anti-AdBlock coping with adblocking not only at the domain level.

Clickadu works with both direct advertisers and advertising and affiliate networks.

Let’s have a look at what advertisers can get from it.

Types of traffic

Clickadu works both with mainstream and adult traffic from direct desktop and mobile placements.

Best-converting verticals and geos

Clickadu is a definitely your source of traffic if you run advertising campaigns on the following verticals:  Apps, Tools, Dating, Cazino, Binary Options (Forex), Gambling, Games, Online Cinema, Software, E-commerce, Sweepstakes, Mobile Subscriptions (1-click, 2-click), Adult, Health.

Top-10 GEOs are constantly changing. Here is what Clickadu had at the end of June 2017 (impr./day):

USA — 30M

India — 15.6M

Thailand — 10.4M

France — 8M

Great Britain — 6.9M

Indonesia — 5.5M

Brazil – 5.4M

Germany — 4.8M

Russia — 4.7M

Vietnam — 3.8M

Ad formats

Clickadu Ad Network has been always specialized in the most effective ad formats like popunders, pop-ups, tabunders and tab-ups. They say, pops rock and are still very popular not only with the entertainment and adult offers but also mainstream like binary, tools, e-commerce, health and beauty.

  • Popunders may bring a lot more conversions in comparison to many other ad formats.
  • In many cases popunder ads are cheaper than other ad formats
  • Popunders are more viewable: almost every user gets to a popunder which not only converts but also works for the brand mind share. While due to banner blindness only 1 out 100 users on average gets to the product page through banner ads.

Still, Clickadu is keeping the pace and introducing new ad formats which are in high demand now with advertisers and publishers. You can already choose now display banners and direct links, video banners are pending, while mobile clients will soon enjoy sticky footers.

To be or not to be…self-served or managed?

There is a choice! Well, normally advertisers with bigger budgets enjoy the managed  platform with the key feature of 24/7 support by the personal manager via any convenient communication channel (Skype, Email, Messenger, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.). The managed platform differs from the self-served one by IP and city targeting. Smartlink offers go through the managed platform only.

The advantages of the managed platform are obvious! Your personal manager takes care of everything: rates optimization, campaign launch, management and optimization to ensure better conversions and budget economy. Also black and whitelists which can be extended to maximum 1000 zones each is no problem for you with a personal manager! Make sure you get traffic from a lot more premium placements.

However, if you prefer acting on your own, you are welcome to the user-friendly self-serve platform equipped with advanced targeting, real-time statistics, multiple payment methods from wire and e-wallets to credit cards, tracking setting, support and API integration.

What can you do at the Clickadu SSP?

At the self-serve platform you are able to create, edit, pause/stop, copy and do multiple copies of advertising campaigns; check the volume of available traffic by bid and country; check a real-time statistics by impressions, conversions and rates; see the budget spent in USD; filter data by date, product, campaign, material, zone, country; see/download daily expenses since the date of registration; see/download invoices and their statuses.

IP Capping and Frequency Capping

IP Capping is a brand new targeting option which limits the number of times your ads are displayed to the same person with the same IP-address on a publisher’s website. When a website visitor sees the ad for the first time, the ad server receives the info about the individual IP. If you set IP Capping to be 3:24, it means one visitor will see your ad only 3 times per day.

Visitors may regularly clean cookies. For this reason Clickadu decided to add IP Capping which may be used either at the self-serve or at the managed platforms. Clickadu recommends setting both Frequency and IP Capping for your campaigns in order to optimize your budget and get more unique leads.

Smart spending with SmartCPA

While creating a campaign you can choose either CPM or SmartCPA model to pay on. Both models show conversions, and sometimes it can be even cheaper to advertise on CPM (cost per mille or thousand impressions) than on CPA (cost per action). SmartCPA is a unique tool on the market for a self-serve platform. It is a totally auto-optimized algorithm powered by an advanced learning mechanism allowing to automatically match your CPA offers to 100% targeted users, helping you reach more relevant audience.

Advanced targeting

Both the self-served and managed platforms provide the following targeting options: Geo, Operating System and its version,  Device Types, Connection Type, Mobile Carrier, Browser and its language, IP Zones, Individual Zones, Time Schedule, IP and Frequency Capping, Delivery Method, Black- and Whitelists.

Advertising with API

API allows networks and brand promoters to manage their advertising campaigns on their own platform. An application program interface (API) is a special protocol which enables integration of two platforms. API helps advertisers work remotely with our platform: create, launch, and stop campaigns; change a bid, a link or targeting settings.

Programmatic advertising via RTB

Possible! Clickadu sells tons of traffic on a per-impression basis via real-time bidding system (RTB). The more you pay for the bid, the more chances to get your ads displayed to your targeted audience. The whole process takes a moment! More than the system drives traffic automatically, matching it to your bids, cutting off the unwanted impressions.

Words are nothing without figures! So, here is a couple of cases with Clickadu.

A4Games Case

Vertical: Game Desktop

Offer: Blade of Queens

Price model: CPL

Traffic type: Popunder


Work time: 1 week


  1. Division of the traffic sent into smaller segments: OS Win version (Win XP, Win7, Win8, Win10) and Browsers (Chrome, IE, Edge, Firefox, Opera), OS Mac version (10.9, 10.10, 10.11, 10.12) and Browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera).
  1. Creative work

10 landing pages (5 for Win and 5 for Mac)

8 A/B tests

We have received a 140% growth in conversions after we have introduced our landing pages.


Impressions – 7.8M

CR — 0.8%


Vertical: Tools Mobile

Offer: APUS Launcher

Hard KPI: Retention rate >50%

Price model: CPI

Traffic type: Popunder / In-app

GEO: Thailand

Work time: 1 month


  1. Division of the traffic sent into segments by phone/tablet and time schedule.

Device: Phone

OS Android (OS version Android 4+)

Connection type 3G/WiFi separately

Time schedule: 2 campaigns on Monday-Friday ( 5 p.m. – midnight) and on Saturday-Sunday (11 a.m.-10 p.m.)

Device: Tablet

OS Android (OS version Android 6+)

Connection type 3G/WiFi mix

Time schedule: 2 campaigns  on Monday-Friday ( 5 p.m. – midnight) and on Saturday-Sunday (11 a.m.-10 p.m.)

  1. Creative work

Individually for each Device type and Traffic type (Popunder и In-app)

12 Landing pages (6 for phone and 6 for tablet)

20 A/B tests

CR +138%

We have received a 138% growth in conversions after we have introduced our landing pages.


Impressions – 303 M

CR – 0.93%

RR – 54% (retention rate)

Sign up with Clickadu and get 10% extra to your first deposit with a bonus code OV2017!  

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Using Jump Pages for Quality & Profit -BOOM

Have you ever wondered how super affiliates are able to dominate their media landscape so effectively?  We certainly have too, and two years ago we set out to crack the mystery (at least parts of it).  Among other tricks, we’ve discovered that a properly built jump page will improve conversion rates and raise customer value, resulting in higher bounties and EPCs, which in turn allow you to buy more traffic.  The rich get richer.  As the President and co-founder of Media Magnetic, it’s my job to explore ways to improve the actions we send to our clients as well as find unique methods for our publishers to be more successful.  I’d like to share some of the success we’ve had with our jump pages, why we’ve had that success, and how we’ve leveraged the knowledge obtained to help our publishers.

For those who may not be familiar with it, a jump page is a simple interstitial page that goes between the ad click and the landing page of an ad campaign.  In the case of pop traffic it can often function as the page that gets popped.  Traditionally these pages can take on many different flavors: crazy eye-popping bombs of color, browser takeovers, interactive flash interstitials, you name it.  However we’ve found that for the purpose of improving click & conversion rate without sacrificing customer value, a simple graphic page mixed with refined messaging text is a happy medium.

 One of the most effective jump pages we’ve developed was for PurePlay, a social poker client of ours.  Over the course of four months we delivered over 80,000 clicks and 4,500 free joiners through PPV keyword buys.  Using ad messaging and keyword optimization alone we were able to improve the EPC on the campaign by six cents – hardly enough to scale a campaign to stratospheric levels.  However, once we got our designer involved who put some creative messaging down next to a sexy woman in a red dress, the campaign exploded.  EPC jumped from $0.75 to $1.15, and by the time we had delivered another couple thousand joiners the advertiser was on the phone raising the bounty by  45% for us and any partner who sent traffic through the jump page!  Over the course of a week we had revitalized the success of the campaign.  Once the page was a little more refined we slapped some PHP in the links and released it for our pubs to use on their own campaigns.

Why did this happen? Aside from the obvious benefits of capturing the user’s attention, the page also provides more time and space to educate the user on the product.  The added click helps to reaffirm the user’s interest in the product so once they land on the registration form they’re more likely to enter accurate information.  Those that aren’t interested in the product simply close out the jump page.  This finding was backed up by reviewing the data with the advertiser, who noted that customer value was significantly improved over those who went through his regular path.

This one simple jump page we built for PurePlay completely changed our perspective for in-house media buys on our campaigns.  Not only have we practically abandoned sending traffic directly to the landing page of a campaign, we’ve learned that when executed the right way, a jump page can improve both EPC for our publishers AND customer value for the advertiser. It’s a win-win.  While walking in the shoes of our media buying affiliates we’ve learned that it pays to invest in good design work for a jump page and as a network it has benefited us to open our landers up for our publishers to use.

This Article brought to you by Tim Wisner  http://www.mediamagnetic.com

Since 1999 Tim has made his mark on the online marketing world. Beginning his career in Search and Performance marketing at a small Seattle startup, he quickly learned the dynamics of the industry. Since then, Tim has built and sold an organic traffic network and worked for two local online agencies, Ascentium and Don’t Blink Media. As a board member of NWIAG, Tim maintains a close pulse on the local internet advertising scene. Along with his Partners, Tim was inspired to build Media Magnetic into the Premier Search Marketing Agency in the Northwest.

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