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New Facebook Update Will Show You Exactly Who Shares Fake News

Today Facebook announced that it was rolling out an update on it’s plan to tackle fake news. While on the surface the update appears bot be giving users context for the news stories they read, the update also has a less obvious secondary purpose: Showing you which of those on your friend’s list are sharing fake news stories the most.

This update that is new to us, actually first tested last year.  How does it work?  By tapping on the “i” icon next to the story’s headline, you’ll be shown the source’s Wikipedia article, related articles, and a map showing where the story has been shared before, and who shared it.

Most of us already have our primary friend’s list figured out when it comes to their viewpoints, and thus already know which of them are probably going to be on the receiving end of old “unfriend” or “unfollow” boot during the next election. But for those of us that actually use our pages for more of a business or networking platform, you will now be able to see what those unknowns have been sharing and where it comes from.

Pretty handy when it comes to how to market to them.

According to Facebook’s developers, the original idea came from the “Related Articles” you can find under news stories on your feed. In order for this to work, the authors of the stories have to have author tags implemented on their page.

The update is available for everyone in the US as of today.

Do you think this will help or hurt your social media marketing efforts? We would love to hear about it in the comments below. 


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5 Reasons Your Business Needs A New Facebook Cover Design [Infographic]

Source: 99Designs.com


Realize the Importance of a Customized Facebook Infographic for Your Small-to-Medium Business: Refresh your SMB’s Facebook cover image

If you have not recently rejuvenated your SMB’s cover image, you are lulling the potential in your business’ performance. Increase your SMB’s bottom line performance by increasing your Facebook likes. According to Inside Facebook’s Justin Lafferty, in Infographic: 3 reasons why SMBs need a custom Facebook cover photo (October 8, 2104), 82 percent of SMB owners experienced a swell in Facebook likes after recreating their cover image. The research data below has emphasizes the importance of a Facebook infographic facelift in order for you to reach optimal marketing potential via social media.

Increase your engagement with potential customers via Facebook in 3 practical steps.

  1. Study your Facebook page and absorb its space potential.

In order to give your Facebook page a distinctive and precise look, upload the optimum image size – 1702 x 630 pixels at 72 dpi – this will give you a cover consisting of 851 x 315 pixels. The prime upload size for you SMB’s profile picture is 180 x 180 pixels appearing as 160 x 160 pixels – use RGB color mode – not CMYK. Remember, within a few seconds, your cover must emphasize the image and not text while keeping the graphics smooth, uncomplicated, and engaging by capturing a prospective customer’s attention. Take care to ensure that important text or visuals are not hidden by your profile picture which will hide the lower left corner of your cover image – the cover and profile images should be designed to interact with one another.

  1. Keep your mantra consistent.

Wisely and strategically choose your Facebook cover image in order to allow your brand’s mantra to promote itself consistently over time. This will allow you to design bridging slogans which will increase your brand’s prominence and recognition. The goal for your cover image is to be straightforward and clearly identify your SMB, what products/services your SMB provides, and how your SMB outperforms its competitors.

  1. Don’t let your SMB’s cover image stagnate.

Customers who rely on social media to seek out products and services want to see something new, fresh, and trending. A stagnated, old cover image is indicative that you are not in top form in keeping abreast of your marketplace. Keep your cover image current to highlight new product features and upgraded services in order to reconnect with repeat customers as well as gaining the attraction of new consumers.

More than 651 million potential customers for your SMB use Facebook every day, multiple times per day. Now that you are armed with the statistics, facts, knowledge and insight to effectuate your Facebook page, tap into more customers for your SMB by rejuvenating your cover image with a customized Facebook infographic.

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Facebook Goes Head to Head With GoFundMe and Other Crowdfunding Sites

Facebook recently announced their newest addition to their already massive array of services already offered via their social media platform.  Anyone ages 18 or up will soon be able to create a “personal fundraiser” to help with significant life events, such as medical bills, tuition, weddings, etc.

The feature will roll out over the next few weeks to users in the US. Users will be able to set up a dedicated Facebook page with information about their fundraiser, where they can pick a donation goal and receive money via the site.

Sound familiar?

Probably because it is.  The feature is pretty much a clone copy of GoFundMe, which has become the go-to funding site for raising money for personal causes. Facebook’s twist on the carbon copy is that users will have their Facebook profiles attached, which will (in theory) let people know who they are donating to.

Source: Facebook

At first Facebook is only allowing fundraisers in six categories:

  1. Education expenses
  2. Medical bills
  3. Pets’ medical bills
  4. Crisis and disaster relief
  5. Personal emergencies
  6. Assistance for families following a death

There might be more categories added in the future, however for now they are limiting them to these six so that they can be reviewed and monitored via moderators.

Just like GoFundMe, the fundraiser’s creator doesn’t get to keep the entire haul that was raised.  They will lose 6.9 percent of the total, plus $0.30 per donation to “payment processing Fees, fundraiser vetting, and security and fraud protection.” GoFundMe takes 7.9 percent plus the $0.30 per donation in the US.

For existing nonprofit pages, Facebook is also adding donation buttons that go up alongside Facebook Live broadcasts — perfect for chipping in a little without interrupting your digital-era telethon or charity livestream.


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Hottest Social Media Trends of 2017

It would be an understatement to say that social media platforms have had an impact on today’s digital marketing efforts. A huge understatement. In 2016, the social media craze has continued to rise with more than 2.3 billion active users and more of which 1.9 billion are mobile users.

The numbers simply don’t lie.  In fact, they tell a very clear story of why 83% of all marketers have begun to take advantage of social media marketing in order to increase their efforts in both presence and sales conversions.

As we dig deep into 2017, it’s time to ramp up your social media marketing efforts or risk being left behind in the pixel dust of Likes and Shares.

You are in luck though, CJG Digital has put together this handy guide of trends that all savvy digital marketers should be keeping a close eye on.

The Top 8 Hottest Social Media Marketing Trends in 2017 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

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7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts [Infographic]

Are your holiday social media posts starting to feel as stale as a re-gifted fruitcake?

If so, it is most likely time to give your social media marketing game a make over. Most companies are flooding consumers’ social media feeds this time of year with themed posts, sale announcements, and all kinds of other holiday goodies…. in order for your brand to break through all the competition it is absolutely essential to try out new approaches.

So what can you do differently? To find out, check out MDG Advertising’s new infographic, 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts. It highlights a number of effective tactics that have not been overused by marketers.

The areas covered include:

  • Create a 360° Holiday-Themed Video: This engaging format, which is now available as an option on multiple major networks, including Facebook and YouTube, lets users experience scenes from different angles. Learn how it can be paired with virtual reality headsets/add-ons to create even bigger wow moments for consumers.
  • Develop a Custom Snapchat Geofilter: On-Demand Geofilters, which are provided as Snapchat options within defined physical areas, are a fun way for consumers to share that they’re interacting with your brand. Understand why these addictive filters are the ultimate example of modern word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Post Disappearing Holiday Coupons: This easy Snapchat and Instagram Stories tactic allows you to create offers/discounts that only show up in posts that stay live for a relatively short period of time. Find out how encouraging this limited-time urgency can be a big boost for your brand in two different ways.
  • Use Pinterest Rich Pins for Holiday Gift Ideas: This often overlooked feature allows marketers to to include key information—such as location data, purchase links, app downloads, etc.—directly in Pinterest pins. Delve into why Rich Pins can close the gap between browsing and action.
  • Host a Holiday-Themed Twitter Chat: Consumers are often in desperate need of advice this time of year, and your brand’s employees might be well poised to provide that. Learn why Twitter chats are a smart, cost-effective way to fulfill this demand.
  • Showcase Gift Ideas in Instagram Carousel Ads: Instagram Carousel Ads allow you to include three to five images in one post, and to also incorporate short calls to action, which can link to external information/product pages. Understand how they connect social media to sales.
  • Inspire with a Facebook Live Charity Stream: To get in the true spirit of the holiday season, you can use two powerful digital tools— social media and live video streaming—to share good deeds directly to Facebook Live. Learn how to feature non-profit partners you’re working with and recognize participating employees.

To find out how to make the most your social media efforts this season, check out MDG’s 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts.

Holiday Marketing 2016: 7 Fresh Ideas for Your Holiday Social Media Posts [Infographic]

Infographic by MDG Advertising

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Facebook Ads News You Can Use

Facebook is upping their ad image game. At least in size. New size for Facebook image ads are now, in some cases, 3.5x’s bigger than before.

Mashable reported: meaning advertisers can create ads of different types without needing to send in multiple image sizes. Facebook is also working to encourage ad clicks on the site. Page post link ads, or ads that send a user to a desired landing page linked by the advertiser, will now link from the entire image and text box. Before, a user would need to click on the specified hyperlink within the ad to view the advertiser’s landing page. Now, anywhere you click on the image or text will bring you to the advertiser’s page.

On top of the pretty new big images comes NO increase in price. So at least for now, affiliates will be advertising BIGGER for the same prices they’re paying now.

The good news keeps coming too.

Larger images will also appear on other posts that share a link, not just ads. So if a user shares a link to a news story, that post will contain a full-width image instead of a traditional thumbnail.

BEAUTIFUL. Facebook is really starting to figure out how to tickle an advertiser’s fancy!  These are solid improvements that “should” help advertisers increase click through rates. We’ll see, but logic is on our side.

Here’s what all this new fancy image ad size stuff looks like (click to enlarge – you’re going to want to)

new fb ad size

Now… because the news today has been so damn positive I wanted to keep the ball rolling. That news story is over. BUT – I’ve got a sweet infographic to help you make your ads convert better.

conversion rate optimization infographic

Infographic thanks to eConsultancy

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Case Study – How 1 FB Page is Going Viral and Driving Leads

When you think of building an email list through Facebook you probably think of very traditional ways of doing that. For example you might ask people this question and they’d tell you to run ads to a forced optin Facebook page. Or alternatively you might get people that suggest running ads to webinar optin pages.

Both of those scenarios have proven effective. But as they saying goes – there’s more than one way to skin a cat. Let’s take a look at an example of how one  niche player is killing it with Facebook and driving leads.

The Viral Slow Play

Slow play is a poker term. It’s a strategy that is pretty much the opposite of bluffing. When you have a great cards you bet minimal amounts each hand to keep the other players in the game. It builds up the amount of cash in the pot. Then at the end you bet aggressively to take it all. It surprises everyone because you were betting as though you didn’t have very good cards.

This strategy is similar in the sense that you don’t “bet” heavy on Facebook with aggressive marketing tactics. No forced optins on your FB page. No paid ads pointing to your page no paid ads of any kind.

This strategy relies entirely on the “shareability” of your pages content. You’ve got to create posts that illicit intrigue, humor, shock, and amazement. I recently came across the most incredible example of this. Someone I know shared one of their posts and it immediately grabbed my attention.

The niche is ancient civilization. It’s a niche I happen to think is really interesting in general, but these guys make it FASCINATING. They know what’s cool in their niche. They know what really get’s a response from their followers.

Every post they make consists of the same formula.

V = 1 Part Story + 1 Part Image + 1 Part Call to action with URL
**V stands for viral

Here’s an example of one of their posts

facbook niche player

Here’s the expanded story.

expanded story

How cool is that little story? Who knew there was a pyramid of similar size to the Great Pyramid of Egypt in Burma? I sure as hell didn’t and I’m glad they shared it with me. It’s shocking. It’s cool. And best of all it’s super viral. That post got 58 shares, 126 likes, and 8 comments. It was posted less than 24 hrs ago.

Notice the call to action and the URL. Their url is the same as their page name, it’s descriptive, and it’s intriguing (adventure is cool). When you click the URL you’re brought to this squeeze page.

No big red headline there. No benefit bullet points. No fake video pointing to the optin. No tricks. No games. Just a straight up “sign up here if you like our stuff.” It’s perfect for the niche.

Now let’s take a look at what they’re doing with email.

The first email I got from them was a thank you for signing up, a request to share their Facebook page, and a teaser about an upcoming documentary they’re making.

The second email I got was a few days later. It contained another thank you because their page had received over 5K likes since they started 3 weeks ago (it’s now over 6.4K and the email was only a day or two ago). It then went on to share images and links to stories on their page that were getting a lot of attention.

Here’s what that looks like:

slow play email example

There were a couple of images with a call to action link that said “Join the Conversation.”  Each one lead to the exact post on their page where they talk about that story.  Now that’s what I call driving engagement.

It’s all about engagement.

If you can get people to like, share, comment, and other wise INTERACT with your content you will see massive gains.  These guys are building up social validation and engagement every step of the way. And on top of that they haven’t tried to sell me anything yet.

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