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Top 3 Tactics That No Longer Work for Digital Marketers

Growing up in Florida, I can’t count the times I heard the phrase, “Just wait ten minutes and the weather will change,” which of course was true but that’s besides the point. In this case the phrase also fits very neatly into the world of digital marketing. Trends and tactics for the industry change faster than Clark Kent, making it so the only way to keep yourself in the game is to roll with the punches through innovation and information. 

Below are three of the top once “go-to sure winners” that have might have worked for digital marketers in the past, but just aren’t getting the horse to the finish line any longer.

1. Twitter

No this isn’t going to be a “Twitter is Dead” post or anything of the sort. Only simple numbers, statistics and reality here. Twitter is still a fine go-to tool for many marketers. It’s great for promoting your business and networking with (or following) other like-minded people. Let’s think about that though, what if the problem with Twitter wasn’t the platform but how digital marketers are using it? Stale tweets, low engagement with followers, and both over and under selling.

Is President Donald Trump helping or harming Twitter’s stock prices?

Just recently though, Twitter has begun to regain some of its previous momentum with the media hoop-la surrounding President Donald Trump’s Twitter communication (antics). Twitter was on a downward spiral prior to his campaign and now presidential tweets but encountered a quick spike during the campaign that they are desperately attempting to hold on to. Although, recent events are proving to make it more difficult to accomplish the task.

Reportedly, Twitter saw a sudden and massive drop in share value after some of their high profile accounts were hacked and used to post tweets in favor of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erodogan. Shares fell nearly 2% to $15.03 earlier this month.

2. SEO Black Hat Tricks

Black Hat Tactics could now harm you, just like the robots in HBO’s series WestWorld.

Today’s SEO efforts no longer look like yesteryears Wild West (or HBO’s Westworld) days of black hat tactics. Gone are the days when messy keyword stuffing, content packed with nonsensical links and spun content were not only passable but worked. Google’s updated Panda and now Penguin algorithms now sort out and condemn shoddy content.

If you haven’t already ceased the following tactics, now (as in immediately) would be a good time to change lanes in your SEO efforts.

  • Keyword stuffing – Keywords are still an essential part of any great piece of content, yet stuffing them willy nilly into posts is a great way to send up a red flag to search engines thus labeling your content as low quality.
  • Link schemes – Buying external links, swapping links with irrelevant audiences, or just filling your content with non-relevant links are all horrible practices that just don’t work any longer.
  • Scraping – Republishing content without permission. Say goodbye to copy & paste. Not only will you get penalized for duplicate content, you could face legal action.
  • Cloaking – If you promise a visitor something on the other end of the link and don’t deliver, then you are guilty of cloaking.
  • Automated content and / or spinning – There are tons of sites out there that will allow you to enter a batch of content that will then be “spun” into something similar. Problem is, it’s often too similar and will be picked up as duplicate content. Same goes for software that automatically produces “basic” content.
  • Invisible text and links – Search engines no longer fall for your hidden or super small text and links.

Bottom line: Do the work and put in the time to churn out proper content.

3. Batch and blast email

Long gone are the days of being able to load up an template inside your email list host platform, pound out a few hundred words or so of text, send it off to your entire list of subscribers and then sit back in your desk chair while hitting refresh to watch the dough roll in.

These days, it requires a little bit more effort to get those dollar signs flying.

While email is still very much the preferred method of communication, however according to Return Path seventy percent of spam complaints filed are from previously opt-in newsletters and offers simply no longer desired by the subscriber.

Pinterest has a leg up on one-to-one personalization.

In walks such platforms as Pinterest, who replaced the old batch and blast way of slinging mail with something that is completely tailored to the viewer. The fastest growing social “sharing” network partnered with SparkPost to ramp up their email efforts. Seth Weisfeld leads up Pinterest’s efforts around all notifications. Everything from desktop, email, push, and SMS he has his hands on.

“Email is an extension of the product. Pinterest itself is very personalized platform, so email needs to be, too.”

Westfield also has stated that the marketer’s dream of one day achieving one-to-one personalized engagement is right at the tip of being a reality.

“The vision we’ve talked about for years, a one-to-one marketing strategy that is natively multichannel, is actually achievable today. The quality of the technology to leverage big data and notifications is there.”

Bottom line.

What it all boils down to is simple. Roll with the tide of change. Don’t get caught up in your easy way of doing things just because it used to work for you. Read, research, and stay up to date on all current trends and changes in this ever changing industry.

Are your current efforts still working for you or have you switched up your game as well? We would love to hear all about it in the comments below.


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Top 10 Digital Branding & Marketing Trends for 2017 [Infographic]


It’s that time of year again, where you sit down and write out all your goals and changes that you wish to make for the new year. Many of us as business owners tend to re-evaluate what worked and what didn’t in our approach for both wealth and growth.

Borenstein Group has put together a handy infographic to walk your through that process when it comes to upcoming trends for 2017.


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Ad:Tech – Melbourne, March 2012

about ad:tech Melbourne
ad:tech is the leading event for the digital marketing and advertising community in Australia and New Zealand with an excellent reputation for delivering:

  • content that educates and promotes the industry
  • thought leadership keynote addresses that inspire and enthuse
  • vibrant and contentious panel debates that influence the direction of the industry
  • well respected platforms showcasing the best in new technology and services
  • numerous unique networking opportunities to expand and deepen critical industry relations

Based in North Sydney, ad:tech has captured the attention of the Australian marketplace because of its commitment to furthering the digital landscape. The local teamare passionate about digital, dedicated to working solely on events for the interactive industry. The team aims to be across the latest and greatest trends in the market and are focused entirely on delivering the best possible event experience for the interactive industry. They read, research, meet and connect with the digital marketing community 363 days a year (Christmas and Melbourne Cup Days excepted).ad:tech is part of a global network that includes events and teams in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Singapore, China and Japan. The Sydney team has a constant dialogue with the global network; leveraging research, content and best practice to craft the highest quality events possible. And, within the global portfolio, the Sydney operation is considered to be a hothouse of innovation and commercial creativity having launched a number of initiatives that are now being implemented worldwide.

ad:tech Sydney 2009 - March 16, 17 2010 ad:tech sydney

Like to Get Involved with ad:tech 2012

What is ad:tech Melbourne all about?

ad:tech strives to educate, connect and grow the Australian digital industry by producing Australia’s most thoroughly researched and targeted digital media and marketing events. After its successful launch in 2011, ad:tech Melbourne will again service the Victorian Digital community this coming March.

ad:tech Melbourne will deliver the most pertinent and tailored event to the Melbourne (Victorian) digital community, showcasing a combination of local content, the latest national campaigns and International keynote presentations that will only be seen at our Melbourne event. THE FOUR FREE KEYNOTES and 80 strong speaker CONFERENCE will be complimented with an industry’s specific EXHIBITION showcasing the industry’s leading solution providers, publishers and agencies, ready to take visitors digital business to the next level.

With over 14 years of global experience ad:tech has been servicing the Australian digital marketing community since 2007, each year bringing together leading international and Australian minds for two days of rich education and deal making. We look forward to servicing the Victorian community for many years to come.

Who is ad:tech Melbourne for?

Marketing and advertising executives from brand organisations, Agencies, publishers and solution providers attend ad:tech Sydney in order to stay on top of the most important digital content, network with industry peers & leaders and understand how they can work with the latest technology and media to solve their digital challenges. Our events truly answer the needs and wants of those passionate about digital media & marketing and embrace those who are making the transition into digital.

Ensuring you profit from digital growth

“The Australian online advertising market is on track to surpass $3b in 2012, with the online advertising expenditure for the 2011 financial year growing 20 percent year-on-year to reach $2.455b.” IAB Australia, 9th May 2010

As economies continue to tackle uncertain times one thing is for certain….increases in online advertising spend, online consumer spending and profitability for digital businesses. According to IAB Australia’s Online Advertising Expenditure Report (OAER), online advertising expenditure to June 2011 grew by an impressive 20 per cent year on year. The full effect of the credit crunch is still unravelling but we know it has accelerated the shift to an increasingly digital and technology enabled world. At ad:tech Melbourne you will learn more about how to capitalise on those opportunities for your business.

ad:tech Melbourne CONFERENCE

By working closely with our advisory board, our entire network of contacts and through our own independent research we will guarantee that ad:tech Melbourne benefits from topics that are most timely and relevant to you. We test and trial different event formats across the globe and share best practice to ensure that we can produce the best onsite experience for you. At ad:tech Melbourne we will program two simultaneous CONFERENCE streams addressing the most critical questions that you need answered, discussing the most pressing trends, understanding the best experiences and case studies, and exploring the future trends that will shape the industry.

ad:tech Melbourne Exhibition

We all need to stay abreast of the latest services and solutions available in the market so that we maintain a competitive edge and continue to improve our digital performance. The ad:tech Melbourne Exhibition assembles the leading interactive marketing solutions providers with proven offerings and proven success in their sector.

Included in your ad:tech Melbourne Exhibition pass is entry to the Keynote Presentations.

Unrivalled Networking Opportunities

In addition to learning about the most important trends and issues for this year at the CONFERENCE, and gaining exposure to the latest and greatest solutions at the EXHIBITION, ad:tech Melbourne will give you heaps of opportunities to extend your contact list. You can meet and mingle with all the industry people that matter throughout the event to expand your industry network, reconnect, and spend time with established contacts and peers.

ad:tech Melbourne CONFERENCE speaker submissions now open

Speaker submissions for ad:tech Melbourne 2012 are now open. If you want to be considered for a speaking position on the industry’s most respected digital media program then submit your details here.

ad:tech Melbourne Networking Pavilion places now available

If you want to join us at the ad:tech Melbourne Networking Pavilion contact us here.

ad:tech Sydney 2011

ad:tech Sydney 2011 was another record breaking year bringing together over 2400 marketers, agency executives, publishers and suppliers all with a keen interest in digital. Attendees benefited from a busy & engaging EXHIBITION, highly informative & motivating content at the free Keynote Presentations, Expo Seminar Theatre & Breakfast Briefings, and insights & experiences from the leading minds in digital media on the ad:tech CONFERENCE.

about us
be an exhibitor



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