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10 Proven Principles to Hook Your Readers

10 Proven Principles to Hook Your Readers Whether you’re using emails, blogs, landing pages, or newsletters, online marketing always comes down the same fundamental question: How do we get folks to read our stuff? It took some time, but marketers are finally starting to figure out that flashing colors and annoying popups tend

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Tips for Branding Yourself Online Like the Rock Star That You Are!

By now I’m positive that you are sick of hearing just how important “a brand” is for your business. But what about the importance of your own personal brand? In a swirling sea of digital information, you need to stand out in the crowd as an expert in your industry. When

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Growth Hack Your Content To a New Level

  Growth Hacking is a not so new term that is being thrown around the marketing realm, specifically in conjunction with startups. Forget “pivoting” and “iterating.” This newish term is all about, you guessed it, growth and just how fast one can hack their way towards a huge dollar payout. What does

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