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101 Fascinating Facts About Domains

The following facts are not merely little trinkets of trivia information one might need if they were a contestant on Jeopardy.  One could actually find them useful in our line of work. For instance, did you know that the idea of the online addressing system was actually invented way back in 1952? That’s 66 flipping […]

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eCommerce Platforms: What are they and Which ones are the best?

Before we delve into comparing all the bells and whistles of the different eCommerce platforms and software available, let’s first briefly define just what exactly an eCommerce platform is. It’s a good bet that you have noticed the vast array of online store builders available.  With so many choices it’s pretty easy to get quickly […]

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Has your content been copied – Take down the Bad Guys in 4 Fast and Furious Steps….

My stuff is Being Given Away all over the Net…what am I going to do??? So, it started with an amazing idea.   It was like a light bulb literally appeared over your head, just like in the cartoons.   You decided to take your fantastic idea and turn it into a reality,  create a new product […]

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3 Effective Ways to Use Chatbots to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of chatbots, is most likely “annoying.” We all have encountered them at one time or another, those pesky little windows that pop up when you are visiting a website. You know the one I’m referring to – the one that claims to either answer your questions […]

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When the traffic source matters: CPA cases with Clickadu Ad Network

The fact that Clickadu Ad Network has been successful throughout the recent years сan be proved by its being shortlisted for the Industry Choice of Network, a world nomination arranged by International Performance Marketing Awards 2017. It is one of the 3 independent nominations made by third parties – clients or partners. The organizers of […]

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Tips for Branding Yourself Online Like the Rock Star That You Are!

By now I’m positive that you are sick of hearing just how important “a brand” is for your business. But what about the importance of your own personal brand? In a swirling sea of digital information, you need to stand out in the crowd as an expert in your industry. When you build a strong […]

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How much marketing automation technology is too much?

In this high tech push-of-a-button day and age, it’s easy to get pulled into the hype of all the latest and greatest of automation technologies. However, even with all of that automation technology right at your fingertips it won’t make us better marketers if we aren’t actually using it. So how much technology do we […]

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