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What Can Entrepreneurs Learn From Millennial Buying Habits?

It is generally an accepted belief that Millennials live their lives on the internet.  We have all witnessed the familiar behavior – hunched over their iPhones, iPads, Droids, etc. It might be assumed that they even do most of their shopping via mobile apps.   New data, however, suggests that the buying habits of the […]

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Statistics of Women Business Owners Who Mean Business [Infographic]

In the world of business, anyone can become a successful business owner, CEO, or executive. It’s more about the person’s passion, determination, and know-how than their gender, race or even sexual orientation.  With that being said, the it’s still very much a male dominated industry. Times are swiftly changing though, women are now beginning to quickly […]

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Here is Why 2015 Is The Year of the Data Nerd [Infographic]

As affiliate marketers we all should be tuned into numerous avenues of data.  Split testing results, google analytic, open and drop rates, etc.   There are so many sets of numbers it often makes our heads spin – nearly right off of our shoulders! It’s also no secret that there is a global trend toward […]

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The Psychology of Colors in Marketing [Infographic]

Color is a meaningful constant for sighted people as well as a super powerful psychological tool.  Your choice of colors for sales pages, landing pages, etc can either send a positive or negative message, encourage sales, calm a crowd, or make an athlete pump iron harder. Countless studies have found that the use of certain […]

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Getting Your Feet Wet – Part 1

Sometimes someone or something says or does just the right thing to inspire you into action. That was what happened to me today after talking to a friend of mine. He said a magical combination of words that got my butt moving and setting up a new affiliate campaign (and write about it on Scoop). […]

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1 Simple Tool To Build A Bigger List

If you could improve your opt-in conversions, grow your audience, and enhance your metrics with one simple tool, would you do it? I’m always interested in these things.  So it only made sense for me to try out tools that help me do this easier and faster. And that’s exactly what the Unbounce platform has […]

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overnight success

How to Become An Overnight Success

When you get involved in the training and education fields you come across your fair share of complainers. Inevitably there are always people that refuse to let go of their fears and move forward. Are you one of those people? More people are guilty of it than you might think. You might even catch “successful” […]

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