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Top 3 Tactics That No Longer Work for Digital Marketers

Growing up in Florida, I can’t count the times I heard the phrase, “Just wait ten minutes and the weather will change,” which of course was true but that’s besides the point. In this case the phrase also fits very neatly into the world of digital marketing. Trends and tactics for the industry change faster […]

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FTC Drops Hammer on SPAM Email Marketing and Unsubstantiated Weight-Loss Claims by Diet-Pill Marketer

The FTC has announced that three Florida-based affiliate marketers charged with using unlawful SPAM email, false weight-loss claims and phony celebrity endorsements to market bogus weight-loss products will pay $500,000 to settle Federal Trade Commission charges.  Terms of the settlement also prohibits the defendants from the deceptive advertising and marketing tactics alleged in the complaint. […]

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4 ways to boost SEO traffic for your blog

Contrary to some reports, SEO is alive and well. While the Big Data and advances in Google algorithms did change the rules of the game, it is still the same old two-pointer: Optimize your pages and do a hell of an outreach. The one thing that brings organic traffic is your position in the SERPs, […]

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5 Tips To Get You Noticed At Your Next Marketing Event

Both big and small marketing events such as AdTech and Social Media Week often have even the most outgoing marketers huddling in the corner. Coming from someone that sometimes has difficulties breaking the ice in social situations, you all have my sympathies. It can indeed be a daunting task to have numerous networking possibilities right […]

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Let’s Go Back In Time – Content Marketing Edition [Infographic]

Content marketing new? Heck no! Content marketing has been around in it’s current state for about 100 years now. Uberflip released an infographic showing the history of this marketing method, which goes all the way back to the time of the cavemen.  Yes, cavemen.  The earliest signs of communication via content on the walls of […]

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4 Common Email Phrases that Make Readers Hit Delete

The written word can more often than not be misunderstood or misconstrued. The make up for the tone of voice that is unmistakable in person, you have got to carefully and tactfully choose the proper phrasing. For instance, I find that when I’m personally writing a message (be it text, email, or message) to my […]

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Affiliates earn now, not later with Adcash

Adcash is an ad network that prides itself on providing supply and demand on a global scale. In short, they broker a lot of premium campaigns daily: this applies to affiliate campaigns as well. Alibaba, Facebook, Travelocity and Pocket Gems are just a few of the premium demand sources that use Adcash for affiliates and […]

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