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Is Blogging Still A Valid Source Of Income?

Life as a blogger can be fun, entertaining and yes even lucrative. I’ve encountered countless people over the years that always ask me if blogging is really a good source of income? Or is it just a passing phase. It can safely be determined, that even though blogging can be a source of entertainment and […]

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Is Email Marketing Finally Dying? New Study Reveals Some Shocking News

This week industry veterans David Daniels and Nicholas Einstein of The Relevancy Group released a major new research paper entitled, “THE POWER OF EMAIL VERIFICATION AND MULTI-METHOD HYGIENE” which was sponsored by Webbula. According to a study, email delivery rates have dropped drastically over the past three years, dropping 87% as of the second half […]

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The Ultimate Email Checklist [Infographic]

We’ve all been there. Spending precious time drafting and re-drafting an email that will be blasted to hundreds if not thousands of subscribers, only to realize a blaring spelling or grammatical error right after you have hit that blast button.  <facepalms> Wouldn’t it be nice to have a checklist of sorts to help you avoid […]

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Behold the Future of Nutra! It is as bright as BitterStrawberry’s brand new offers! Get your business in shape with their products and convert with the force of nature!

Affiliate marketing is ever-changing as technology advances, bringing on the table new tendencies all the time, for business development. Even if we can’t tell for sure what will happen in the future, one thing is sure: We always need to be ready to adapt. Considering that focus on trust and personal approach seem to be […]

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FTC Defense Lawyer on Action Illustrating Need to Hold Partners Accountable

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced the settlement of allegations that marketers deceived consumers via a get-rich quick scheme.  According to reports, the operators have agreed to a permanent ban on marketing or selling certain types of software. The FTC alleges that the international network of defendants deceived consumers by falsely claiming they could earn […]

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Moscow Affiliate Conference: new wave!

About the MAC conference During the two years of Moscow Affiliate Conference existence, the audience of the affiliate industry fell in love with it, because the conference brings the perfect combination of business and entertainment parts: the traditional pre-party, exclusive reports with working cases and, of course, the Grand after-party! Companies and participants from all […]

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6 Hacks That Are a Must for Solopreneurs

You are living the American dream, or so it seems.  However, even with all the advantages that come with being a solopreneur the fact still remains that you are a one person company most likely doing the work of five or more. There is no one to remind you of appointments, personally answer your calls, […]

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