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Apple Fires Warning Shot at Snapchat

Apple gave a nice but rather loud shout-out to Snapchat at it’s iPhone launch event this last Thursday.

The iPhone creator is getting deeper into the field of AR (Augmented Reality) which could easily turn iMessage into more of a Snapchat competitor.

The event was not only a showcase of the newest iPhone, but it gave the company a chance to show off some of their other toys that are in the works as well including “Animoji.” Animojis are animated emoji that mirror your facial expressions.  This would superimpose your frown, snarl, grimace, or grin onto any number of cartoon characters.

The down and dirty of it is that with all the newest upgrades to Apple’s iMessage platform on the new iPhone X, Snapchat might be in even more hot water than it already seems to be.




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Why small businesses should use content marketing [Infographic]

There is no doubt about it, content marketing is often the saving grace for many small businesses or affiliate marketers that simply don’t have a lot of dough to throw at other means of advertising. On the flip side, content marketing could and is often a complete waste of time.

According to the infographic put out by Muffin Marketing, it can definitely drive traffic to your site for years and years to come if it is done right.

You have read it before, and I’m sure you are going to read it again – the key is in the quality of your content. If you churn out material that is laden with fluff, lousy writing, and irrelevant subject matter, your brand will undoubtedly not only not grow but suffer from your poor judgement.

View the infographic below for a heads up on just how to navigate the jungle of content marketing.


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7 Reasons You need To Let The Data Call The Shots In Your Marketing


Just what you needed right now. Right? Ol’ Caitlynne coming along and telling you how much you need to change your approach to this whole online marketing thing.

Just as you were starting to not suck at doing it the old way..

Sorry. It’s kinda my job, but I’ll make it worth your while. Promise. 🙂

This one mostly comes with it’s own reward too. Because if you do it right, the day to day “grunt work” of your marketing just sort of goes away.

Seriously. It’s like having an Uber Nerd hiding in your office who wants nothing more than to see you get things right and become a true hero to your customers.

(Which won’t suck at all, because remember. Happy, satisfied customers have a habit of spending more money, more often.)

In a word: Sweet Loyalty!

Ok, here we go. Sit back, and get ready to jump clear out of the guesswork era and into the data driven, digital age!

Reason One

Personas: Learn Them, Live Them, LOVE Them! Keeping an eye on your data will help you get a feel for the actual people spending money in your business.

More importantly, WHY..

Build “avatars” of who they are. Male/Female? Age? Education? Motivation to purchase? It all adds up to a better understanding of what makes them tick (and how to profit wildly from their business with you).

Many will even give them “Pet names” and dive into their hypothetical life experience and dreams for the future..

Reason Two

Watch the numbers on your landing pages! Learn techniques like split testing and hire a solid copywriter to up the game. Then KILL the versions that don’t perform. The savings add up in a hurry and besides, who likes wasting money when you don’t have to?

Reason Three

Tweak your Facebook audiences: It astounds me the amount of business owners spending good money on bad targeting. This is a GREAT time to be picky. Sort out the people not likely to want what you provide..

Reason Four

The BEST companies straight up bribe new customers.. Cash in a paper bag? Not really. I’m talking coupons. Fully 85% of customers admit to looking for a coupon when making a decision to use a new product or service.

Reason Five

Was It Something I Said? Strategies like retargeting prospects who checked you out in the past, and even re-engaging past customers are showing

Dynamite results with most of the people I’ve been speaking with.

Pro Tip: Treat “refunders” well, It’s counterintuitive, but it’s a VERY good idea.

Reason Six

Get personal! Once you hone in on your top customer avatars, don’t be shy when it comes to “speaking their language”. Use their words, commiserate on their problems. You will shoot straight to the front of the line if they know you “get” them..

Reason Seven

Try anything once (twice if it works): Get out of your familiar sandbox and try things like Search, Display Ads, and Print. Just because what you’re doing now works does NOT mean that other things won’t.

Hey, for all you know, trying something new can give you a whole new stream of income and maybe even be better than what you’re doing now.

Stranger things HAVE happened. I could think of a few wild success stories that only came to pass AFTER the fourth o fifth traffic source tested..

Well, there you have it, 7 solid tips for making big data your..


Friend. 🙂

Now go forth and prosper for pete’s sake, You deserve it!

And when you do, come back and tell us what worked for you and what didn’t. We would love to hear all about your successes and even those road bumps you hit along the way.


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8 Business Skills You Should Teach Your Kids Now [Infographic]

With back to school just around the corner (or already in full swing in many areas of the US), it brings up the question: “Are our kids being taught enough business or entrepreneurial skills?”

In my personal opinion, no.  Back in the olden days when I graduated from high school we were offered a handful of electives that offered skills such as how to make a cake, boil water, hammer in a nail, and if you were the nerdy type like myself – how to type.  I was never offered any marketing courses, shown how to balance a check book, or effectively lead a team of 1-150 employees down the path of success.

Most of the skills that I use today to manage my business, I have learned on my own either through trial and error or by example (thank goodness I’ve had some really good mentors along the way).  I wish I could say that all the projects and classes I completed throughout my years in school had a direct impact on my current career path. The honest truth is my school days played a very small part in determining who I’ve become and what I’m doing today.

Since most educators, or education systems, don’t teach the needed skills needed to shape a young mind into an entrepreneurial role, it sadly falls upon the parents to take on that task as teacher.

But where do you start? And what skills are needed?

Vennage was kind enough to create a handy infographic just for you.


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Top 5 Ways To Work Smarter Not Harder

It doesn’t matter if you have taken that big leap into solopreneurship or you still have your nose to the grindstone working for someone else, we all struggle with productivity. For many, like myself, it is a daily occurrence. Let’s face it, some days are just better than others when it comes to checking off everything on your to-do list.

Don’t fret though, there is some good news heading your way.  

The struggle will be a thing of the past if you take a moment (yes, add it to your to-do list if you must) to read and then implement these top 5 ways to improve your productivity.  

1. Time Tracking

Tracking your time will ultimately boost your productivity by allowing you to see just how much time you have spent on certain tasks. Whatever the task might be: texting, emailing, conference calls, etc – it’s worth tracking. The great thing about time tracking is not only will you be able to see how much time it took you to complete a certain task, but it will also alert you to how much time you are wasting on a specific task. Facebook newsfeed anyone?

Researchers found that people who wore a fitness tracker of some kind, such as a FitBit, increased their physical activity by 26.9%. Undoubtedly, the same will ring true when you begin to track your time.

There are hundreds if not thousands of companies out there that offer amazing time tracking tools to help get you on your way to spending less time on those tasks that are eating up your precious day.

2. Plan Your Day Ahead of Time

That’s right, those to-do lists that some of us love to hate will actually create a more productive person. Planning your day allows you to schedule tasks that will move you closer towards your ultimate goals.  Try doing this at the end of your work day or at the very beginning of a new one.

Just think about how excited you become when you are able to cross of task by task on your list. Since plans tend to free up mental space, you will find your mood is elevated and your anxiety is down.

3. Walk Away

If you are anything like me, you jump to reach for your mobile device every time you hear it chime. Or worse, you find yourself sitting at your desk answering emails or researching your next article while attempting to eat your lunch.

The problem with this constant non-stop working regime is that you aren’t ever truly unplugged.  Just as our bodies need a shift from deep to more light dream filled cycles, they also require a brain cycle shift from full focus to relaxation every 90-120 minutes.

4. Declutter Your Workspace (and head)

Studies show that too much clutter in a work environment causes brain activity to decrease. Your brain becomes distracted by all the little nick knacks and doo-dads, not to mention the pile of papers in the corner of your desk, preventing you from being able to sail through your task list.

The same goes for all that mental clutter building up.  Create your to-do list and stick to it.

5.  Go Full Throttle on Your Internet Speed

This might sound like a no-brainer, but again someone has indeed studied it and found that those with high average internet speeds were more productive than those with lower bandwidth.

For a few bucks more (in most areas), you could drastically increase your productivity just by paying a bit more for a higher tier internet package. No, I’m not suggesting you to break the bank to accomplish this.  However, every 5 minutes or more that is lost while waiting for a page to load or an internet conference call that has dropped, you could be working on something else that would move you closer to your ultimate goals.

What ways have you find to work smarter not harder?  We would love to hear all about them in the comments below.

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The Complete Guide To Snapchat Ad Targeting [Infographic]

As with all other social media ad targeting techniques, Snapchat ad targeting can be a powerful way to get the attention of a specific type of audience.

Many marketers though, both those that are new to the game and veterans alike,  find the process of learning what works and what doesn’t a bit overwhelming.

An infographic by Advertisement, a Snapchat advertising agency, helps to clarify the entire process. In fact this is the same guide that they themselves use in house.

Check it out below and let us know how it’s working out for you in the comments below.

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AWeber Announces New Features

AWeber announced last week it’s newest of features: Segmenting with Tags and Sending Broadcast Newsletters to Tagged Segments.

In this week’s previous article, we touched on the importance of segmenting your huge list into much smaller lists so that you can be able to send more targeted emails with contextual content. According to the National Client Email Report (2015), effectively targeted emails can drive up to 77 percent of your overall email ROI.

77 percent. Wow. Think of what 77 percent could do to your bottom line.

With AWeber’s newest feature you will be able to segment and sent targeted broadcast newsletter based on tags as well.

While this might seem like a small simplistic feature on the surface, it turns out to be a mighty powerful one when you dig a little deeper. The feature will enable marketers to apply tags to subscribers based on their preferences and actions. Thus allowing marketers to build segmented audiences from those tags. And you guessed it, send more relevant, targeted emails.


Now get too it and tell us in the comments below how it is working out for you.

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