Why You MUST Build Your Email List—And How To Get Started

The general consensus coming from the internet marketing guru crowd, is that email marketing is still alive and well. A common mistake for a newbie is to fall into the camp of thought that building your list is a waist of time and won’t easily double or triple your income.   That’s just silliness!  Having a list to market to, one that trusts you, is the same as having a treasure chest of gold to pick from each and everyday.

Derek Halpern over at SocialTriggers.com says it best:

“If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.” 

He also goes on to reminisce days gone past when he primarily ran ad-based websites where his primary focus was pageviews.   Of course the more pageviews hitting a ad-based website meant more money in the bank on day one.   However, if he had jumped on the email bandwagon back then he might have been able to sell that same blog to a publicly traded company

“for 7 to 10 times MORE money than they originally offered.”

Take a look at the full article below:

If you’re not building an email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake.

Back when I ran ad-based websites, I thought to myself, “why would I EVER want to build an email list?”

I didn’t want emails. I wanted pageviews… because more pageviews meant more ad revenue TODAY!

To put this in perspective, had I built an email list, when a publicly traded company approached me to buy out my blog, I could have asked for 7 to 10 times MORE money than they originally offered.

How dumb, right?

Fast forward to today, I see people making the same mistake I made years ago. Instead of building their email list, they’re focusing on pointless things like social media… or worse… pageviews (STILL!).

And that’s why I want to share this new video with you where I share why building your email list is VITAL.. and how to get started with it.


Why Email Marketing Trumps Social Media Marketing

A lofty claim, I know.

But when you see the data I have in this video, it will all make sense.

If you’re not building an email list, you’re an idiot. – @derekhalpern” – Click to Tweet

What email service provider do I recommend?

There’s only one.

It’s called AWeber 

Why do I recommend AWeber?

It’s easy to use.

And it’s great for small AND large businesses.

Now I have a question for you:

Are you focusing on your email list as your MAIN priority?

If yes, share with me how your email list has helped you and your business in the comments below.

If not, why?

source: http://socialtriggers.com/build-an-email-list/  author: Derek Halpern


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