FTC Approves Settlement with Lenovo over Advertising Software Privacy Allegations

The Federal Trade Commission recently announced that it has approved a settlement with Lenovo regarding the company’s alleged, widely-publicized practice of pre-installing an advertising software program on some laptops that caused security vulnerabilities. The settlement terms include prohibitions regarding the misrepresentation of any features of pre-installed software that would “inject advertising into consumers’ Internet browsing […]

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Rewind through a year of performance at BitterStrawberry

Now that we started the new year, we began to think about what 2017 actually meant to us, BitterStrawberry. The season of performance reviews began and it’s time to rewind through the last year. In 2017 we’ve been through lots of changes and improvements and we developed new AI tech tools that kept us at […]

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5 Most Effective Email Marketing Strategies

We have previously touched on the top three email marketing services along with the importance of building trust into your email marketing list, however we didn’t really dig into the tried and true effective strategies. The fact is that an inbox is a cutthroat environment.   We as consumers, are blasted with marketing messages of all […]

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FTC’s Data-Breach “Unfairness” Standard

  The FTC has showed no signs of slowing down when it comes to data breach investigations and enforcement actions. In doing so, the Commission utilizes concepts of “unfairness” and “deception.” Companies that tell consumers they will safeguard their personal information are forced to live up to those representations. To establish that a company’s practices […]

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Now or Never – Hop on the Mobile Marketing Growth Train

Eighty two minutes.   That’s the average amount of time an American spends on their mobile device on any given day.  The addiction started way back in 1999 with the introduction of the Blackberry, or as most of us lovingly refer to them “the crackberry.” If you are like most of us technology hungry souls, one […]

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11 SEO Useful Techniques and Strategies

In the changing virtual scenario, SEO plays a crucial role in online marketing. As an online entrepreneur, you just can’t relax after bringing your commercial website to the digital platform. Even if you have an attractive business website, it can be ineffective unless it reaches to your target audience. Maybe it’s not getting visible in […]

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Step by Step to a killer media buying campaign

The road of media buying success is paved with a lot of offers. This is why the BitterStrawberry’s team decided to create a quick guide to help all media buying warriors out there creating their campaigns without spending too much money or dealing with complicated systems. It’s a harsh game and you have to play […]

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