BitterStrawberry Rebrands for the Tech Era

Hi there, hustlers! We are proud to announce we’re rolling out our new branding! BitterStrawberry said goodbye to an era and took it to the next level with a new voice embracing the tech revolution, a sleek, modern logo that will make sparks fly in your eyes and a zingy new site with a premium […]

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GDRP Impact on Digital Marketing

GDRP Impact on Digital Marketing The General Data Protection Regulation is a regulation that is intended to strengthen data protection for individuals within European Union countries.  At its core, the GDPR is intended to provide individuals more control over and additional safeguards with respect to their personal data, including the right to be forgotten and […]

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What Makes A Perfect Blog Post [Infographic]

When writing content for your blog, you of course want to make sure it provides the most value as possible. After all, there are more than a billion active sites on the web today. That’s a hell of a lot of competition. The folks over at Blogpros have analyzed critical data and put together the […]

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Twitter Testing A Character Limit Change – 140 to 280

For all us social media marketers it has been drilled into our heads for years: “140 characters is your limit when posting to Twitter.” Well, that pesky limit that has us finding new and sometimes horrible ways of spelling common words may be on it’s way out the door. In an hope that it will […]

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3 Effective Ways to Use Chatbots to Increase Your Marketing Efforts

The first word that comes to mind when thinking of chatbots, is most likely “annoying.” We all have encountered them at one time or another, those pesky little windows that pop up when you are visiting a website. You know the one I’m referring to – the one that claims to either answer your questions […]

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U.S. Federal Trade Commission Investigating the Equifax Data Breach

Last month, reports surfaced that Equifax, Inc., one of the nation’s leading credit reporting services, was the subject of a historic cyberattack that compromised the security of financial and other personal information of more than 143 million U.S. consumers.  The data breach involved names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, driver’s license numbers and credit […]

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Increase Your Revenue with a Free Lead Management System!

If you’re generating Payday/Installment Loan Leads and you haven’t signed up for OPEN MARKET, you’re leaving money on the table! Zero Parallel is the leading Short-Term Loan Affiliate Network, and now you can get the industry’s Top-Performing Lead Management System for FREE with their exclusive new program, OPEN MARKET. Key Benefits of OPEN MARKET: Access […]

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