FOR 20868: 2 Energy - - Solar America (US) - CPC - Verify for 20868

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Offer Name: FOR 20868: 2 Energy - - Solar America (US) - CPC - Verify for 20868
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Last Updated: Mar 20, 2023
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FOR 20868: 2 Energy - - Solar America (US) - CPC - Verify for 20868
Energy - - Solar America (US STATES)

Conversion Point: 1st Page Submit. See "Documents" section for full zip list PAYS ON ZIP CODE LIST WITHIN THESE US STATES: ARIZONA: $21.25‬ CALIFORNIA: $34.00 COLORADO: $12.75 CONNECTICUT: $21.25 WASHINGTON DC: $8.5 FLORIDA: $17.00 HAWAII: $38.25 IDAHO: $8.5 ILLINOIS: $12.75 MASSACHUSETTS: $29.75 MARYLAND: $17.00 NEW_JERSEY: $25.50 NEW_MEXICO: $12.75 NEVADA: $17.00 NEW_YORK: $25.50 PENNSYLVANIA: $12.75 RODE_ISLAND: $8.5 SOUTH_CAROLINA: $12.75 TEXAS: $17.00 UTAH: $12.75 1 of 3 Lead Validation Services ARE required. TrustedFormCert, Universal LeadID, PageID (Proprietary) Fields required: First Name/Last Name/Phone Number/Street/City/State/Zip/LeadID OR Active Prospect DISQUALIFICATIONS: Tests, Duplicates, Invalid Contact Info, Wrong Numbers, Did Not Apply, Non-homeowners, Avg Bill less than $100 per month, A Lot Of Shade, Bad/Poor Credit, Not in specified zips, Mobile/Multifamily Residence No incentivized or co-registration traffic/methods; No re-brokering of this offer to third Party networks or affiliates We require all of our vendors to abide by the CLASSA standards (see the lead generation consumer protection rules). Also, here is a list of claims that we do not allow in advertisements that generate leads for us: a. Incorrect or potentially misleading claims about cost savings for a consumer who installs solar or that going solar will eliminate a consumer’s electric bill; b. Incorrect statements related to expiring governmental rebates or tax credits designed to force consumers into quick decisions; c. Any statements or representations that improperly imply affiliation with a government entity, government program, or utility; d. Any statements or representations that the government will pay (or has paid for) consumers to go solar; e. Any statements or representations that any portion of going solar, other than receiving a quote, is “free” or will cost the consumer no money; f. Specific claims promising savings, including that a customer will “always save” with solar or that they will “save up to 20 percent with solar.” g. Any messaging designed to create a false sense of urgency for consumers to go solar; h. Any unsubstantiated savings claims. Any claims with specific representations as to savings, whether used by Sunrun or a vendor, must be reviewed and approved by Legal prior to their use.

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