SNOW - Wired Kit Offer - US ONLY - Revshare

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Offer Name: SNOW - Wired Kit Offer - US ONLY - Revshare
Payout: 80.00% / Revenue Share
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Categories: E-Com/Consumer Goods
Network: ProfityAds
Last Updated: Feb 07, 2023
Countries: US
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SNOW - Wired Kit Offer - US ONLY - Revshare
MEET THE "APPLE OF TEETH WHITENING" CAPS: NO CAP Snow is well known for it's "At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit" an all in one kit that has a 99% satisfaction rate for whiter teeth in as little as 9-minutes per day. Invented by dentists in California and parterned with well known celebrities, such as, Chuck Liddell and Ron Gronkowski. Orders ship 24/7 from Arizona and as a bonus, every order helps provide dental care to a child in need. As seen on all the well known magazines such as Womens Health, FORBES, Allure and more. Consumers can shop the "original" kit or the "wireless kit". Publisher is paid 40% of total order size before tax (shipping is free). Rules: NO MODIFICATIONS of creatives. Use APPROVED From/Subject Lines ONLY. Offer may not be promoted by incentivizing. You may not use or otherwise incorporate any of our trademarked names or any variations thereof in the domain name(s) of your Web site(s). Inputting data from lead sources or online capture forms is not allowed. Sites promoting our offer have to have a privacy policy listed. No Trademark, Brand Bidding, or SEO. Do not use the FDA logo or "no sensitivity/zero sensitivity/FDA Approved" statements. Your social media pages must not look like a Snow branded page, contain Snow in the name, or have Snow as the profile picture. NO CORONA VIRUS SUBJECT LINES OR CREATIVES Channels allowed: EMAIL ONLY SNOW is a negative keyword: make sure the affiliate link is not displayed directly in the ad, and try not to appear as the brand itself. Selling Points: People are at home right now and cant go to the dentist, so they are looking everwhere for teeth whitening products. Celebrity endorsed creatives. 99% satisfaction. Offers a special rewards program. The consumer pays $149.00 for one Kit (thats 25% off regular price).


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