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Knee Active Plus - 12.38€ - PL

Knee Active Plus - 12.38€ - PL

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  • Category : health & beauty
  • Lead (€) : 12.38
  • Last Updated : 16 Jan 2019


Basic product infoW H AT I S K N E E A C T I V E P LU S ? K N E E A C T I V E P LU S is a high quality magnetic band that relieves arthritis and joint damage pain. This lightweight and extremely comfortable stabilizer helps to alleviate discomfort while moving, supports the regeneration of the musculoskeletal system and improves its efficiency. I T H A S T E N 5 0 0 - G AU SS M A G N E T S C OV E R E D W I T H A S P E C I A L M AT E R I A L T O S U P P O RT M A I N TA I N I N G T H E O P T I M U M B O DY WA R M T H . T H I S H E AT I N I T I AT E S C E L LU L A R R E V I TA L I Z AT I O N A N D P U R I F I E S T H E B LO O D . S U C H A N I M P R O V E D B LO O D C I R C U L AT I O N H E L P S T O R E D U C E I N F L A M M AT I O N A N D I M P R OV E S M U S C L E F U N C T I O N . F U RT H E R M O R E , K N E E A C T I V E P LU S A P P R O P R I AT E LY S U P P O RT S T H E K N E E C A P, S TA B I L I Z E S A N D S T I F F E N S T H E K N E E T E N D O N S , T H U S S I G N I F I C A N T LY R E D U C I N G T H E R I S K O F F U RT H E R I N J U R I E S . T H I S B A N D I S D E D I C AT E D T O P E O P L E W H O : • suffer from chronic joint and muscle pain, • suffer from arthritis pain, • are obese and struggle with knee overstrain, • had knee injuries, • work long ours standing (hairdressers, physicians, teachers, etc.)Indications to use the productWskazania • Overweight • arthritis • bone and joint aches • inflammation of articular capsules • injuries caused by the fall • joint degeneration pain • joints pain • knee issues due to obesity • knee joint rehabilitation • knee meniscus damage • kneecap damage • mild knee overstrain pain • overstrained knee joints • preventively - with knee-overstraining lifestyle • reduced mobility of the knee • rheumatic pain • swelling of the knee • swollen knees • unstable knee joint • weakened knee joints • weightlifting • work that requires standingAction descriptionH O W I T W O R K S : • The magnetic knee band is especially recommended for rehabilitation of broken bones, knee overstrain or knee meniscus damage. • The stabilizer stiffens the leg and relieves the kneecap during joint operation, thereby helping to recover and regain full mobility faster. • The band is made of soft and durable material that doesn't limit your mobility and ensures free air flow to the aching area, which significantly accelerates the regeneration process. • It has ten 500-gauss magnets covered with a special material to support maintaining the optimum body warmth. This heat initiates cellular revitalization and purifies the blood. Such an improved blood circulation helps to reduce inflammation and improves muscle function. • Furthermore, Knee Active Plus appropriately supports the kneecap, stabilizes and stiffens the knee tendons, thus significantly reducing the risk of further injuries. A D D I T I O N A L E F F E C T S : • it reduces pain caused by joint overstrain, • it's recommended as a preventive measure to protect against injury and overstrain, • it strengthens and stiffens knee joints, • it protects against injuries during an accident, • it reduces muscle tension, • it reduces the pain and swelling of the knee, • it improves blood circulation, • it effectively complements the therapy and treatment of degenerative and rheumatic painHow to useH O W T O U S E : • The band must be fitted so as to adhere directly to the skin. Fit the central hole onto the knee. Then fasten the velcro straps. Pay attention to how tight the band is fastened. Tighten so as not to disturb the blood flow. • The magnetic band best serves its purpose when it is applied directly to the skin. • However, if necessary, it can be worn on clothing. • Flexible velcro straps ensure that the band can be fitted to each leg. • Available in a universal size on both left and right leg, in dark blue. • It can be used day and night.

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