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Health Insurance - Under 65 (Pay Per Call)

Health Insurance - Under 65 (Pay Per Call)

Offer Details

  • Category : Pay Per Call, Health, Insurance
  • Lead ($) : $ 35.50
  • Last Updated : 12 Sep 2019
  • Countries : Qatar


Tired of working with Networks who overpromise and have little to no transparecy? It might be time to switch to one of the fastest growing networks in the Insurance space: Policybind!

Our staff consists of affiliates, licensed insurance agents, and media buyers - so we understand your needs and the industry inside and out! Don't let that fool you though: We are all 100% out of our minds ;-)

Come ad Maximize your revenue with us (as long as you promise to spend it irresponsibly) with our new U65 Health Insurance offer for buyers that represent multiple carriers and have several options when placing prospects you are generating. This is a NATIONAL campaign that has room to scale, and offers HIGHER payouts for quality traffic (our QA team does daily and weekly reviews).

We are looking for callers that are able to spend $200 for an individual plan, or up to $350 for a family plan, looking to purchase in next 30 days or less, no Medicaid, Medicare, SSDI, or state funded insurance.... and no customer service calls.

Please no Incentive, Co-Reg, or general tom-foolery when generating traffic. Opt-In only, no duplicate calls generated within 30 days!

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Pay Per Call lunatics made up of industry leaders dedicated to providing value to both publishers and advertisers. We breathe, sleep, and eat marketing - ROI for anyone crazy enough to join us in our journey. Between our staff we have decades of industry specific knowledge within the Insurance verticals (Health, Auto, Home, Medicare). We can provide tips and tricks to help our publishers optimize their campaigns - and assist our advertisers with routine audits so that conversions (and publisher billables) continually rise.

For those that qualify we offer weekly payouts - and free access to our extensive library of memes.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***