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War Thunder [CPP] Many geos

War Thunder [CPP] Many geos

Offer Details

  • Category : Online Games, Client
  • Offer Payout : 0EUR-7.69EUR
  • Last Updated : 30 Nov 2020
  • Countries : Spain, Israel, Poland, France, Germany


HARD KPI for the affiliate program: at least 7% of confirmed Registrations have to convert into Login, or else the convertions will be authomatically scrapped and shall not be paid.

Test limit: 100 Registrations until the feedback

Apply to new affiliate program War Thunder!

War Thunder is a free-to-play vehicular combat online action game available for PC, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. It features epic PvP battles on more than 1500 aircraft, tanks, helicopters and ships from the 1930s to the 1990s.
Main features:
• 16 vs 16 combined-arms PvP multiplayer battles on more than 80+ theaters of war.
• Unique approach to realistic vehicular combat, offering total immersion.
• Immensely detailed and authentic vehicle models, physics and combat situations.
• Game modes and difficulty settings for all types of players, from casuals to hardcore simulator enthusiasts.
• Extra hardware entirely optional: All game modes can be enjoyed with mouse & keyboard.
Target Audience:
• Age: 16 - 45
• Gender: ~99.5% male
• Interested in the following games:
• any vehicular combat and war-related game, including: arena-based vehicular combat games (World of Tanks, Warships &
Warplanes, TANKI Online, MechWarrior), any hardcore simulator game (e.g. realistic flight, tank or ship combat simulators
including the IL-2 series or games such as the Arma series, SQUAD, Post Scriptum), MMO-FPS (e.g. Battlefield series, Heroes &
Generals, Planetside 2), war-focused RTS games (e.g. Company of Heroes, Men of War), FPS such as PUBG, Call of Duty
• Interested in the following topics/hobbies:
• Machinery of war (vehicles, technologies), History (especially modern history), War movies and books, military vehicle
miniature models & modelmaking
• Excluding: Minecraft and similar titles

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