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United States (US) - FreeScore 360 (Responsive) - POP

United States (US) - FreeScore 360 (Responsive) - POP

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile
  • Lead ($) : $ 32.00
  • Last Updated : 30 Nov 2020
  • Countries : Indonesia, United States


Target Traffic: Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

Conversion Flow: The pixel fires when the user signs up for the 7-day free trial

Allowed Traffic:

  • Pop


  • Approval required if affiliate is using their own creative.
  • Marketing which contains “free”, “complimentary” or similar language MUST include approved trial language.

-“With a 7‐day free trial” or “With a 7‐day trial”

  • Third party trademarks or intellectual property (including logos) are not allowed.
  • Cannot be mandatory to sign-up
  • Affiliates are required to only use the acceptable email creative, friendly from, domain and subject lines that have been provided. Any other mail marketing material needs to be submitted for express written permission prior to any mailings.
  • Affiliates may not insert the recipient’s name or email address in the subject line.
  • Affiliates may not link  in an email using another product’s offer or creative.
  • Affiliates may not advertise dual offers.
  • Affiliates may not falsify the email header or transmission information (including, without limitation, source, date sent, destination and routing information.) It needs to be clear to the mail recipient exactly who the mail is from and when it was sent. Affiliates must include a functioning unsubscribe link to the mailer and the offer, which adds the user to the appropriate opt out lists.
  • The email must include prominent opt-out instructions, and a toll-free telephone number, physical address, or valid email address at which recipient may contact to file complaints and/or opt-out.
  • Affiliates are required to download and scrub against the suppressiozn files a minimum of every 10 days or no more than two days before any mailing for both email and domain level suppressions.
  • Emails containing any security breach style language is expressly forbidden.
  • Emails containing any service email style verbiage, such as “Your order”, “Attention: Your score has changed” is expressly forbidden.
  • Affiliates are required to use the creative, subject lines and domains relating to the specific offer i.e. 2B or 3B.
  • Emails cannot contain any language that creates a sense of familiarity/relationship e.g. “Regarding”
  • Affiliates shall, upon request, supply the Opt-In data and Opt-In language for an email address used by a consumer opting-in with Affirmative Consent to such Affiliate Email Campaign.
  • These Email Marketing Guidelines are in addition to, and do not replace, the General Guidelines. Further Resources:
    • Approved Subject Lines
    • Approved Friendly From/Domains
    • Non-Compliant Verbiage Example DocuSign Envelope ID: 8F75196D895A21D0--E8CE19C4--44784C6B-B-92FA5B1--F64C167B78339053788E37BD
  • Offers may not be marketed via:
    -Attorney websites
    -Auto‐responder emails to a posting/email of any kind
    -Coupon sites
    -Craigslist or other forum-based marketing
    -Government sites
             *Government benefits or sites “assisting” government benefits (e.g. disability benefits, HARP, HUD, FHA, food stamps, section 8 housing, social security benefits, unemployment benefits)
    -Job sites
    -Incentivized (e.g. content unlocking, loyalty programs, referral marketing, survey marketing)
    -Pages not in English
    -Pages aimed at consumers outside USA
    -Sites that contain adult content, hate mongering, political, racial or otherwise questionable content
    -Credit Repair (requires additional approval)
    -Email marketing
    -Search (requires additional approval)
    -SMS (requires additional approval)
    -Any credit repair website
    -Incentivized marketing
    -Mispellings of "Annual Credit Report"
    -Any third-party network of websites, network or databases
    -Paid search methods on Google, Bing or Yahoo

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TORO Advertising

TORO Advertising is an Affiliate Network with more than six years of experience behind it. Completely focused on the marketing industry, we can provide a wide range of top converting campaigns to media buyers, performance networks and webmasters among others.

TORO Advertising is equipped with the last technology in matters of tracking, reporting and optimization. TORO Advertising's approach to affiliate marketing is based on experience and efficiency, perfectly combined in order to achieve the best results in business. Covering all media types, channels and ad formats as a path to deliver consistent growth in every aspect, TORO Advertising becomes your ideal partner for your traffic monetization.

Payment Terms: Weekly, net-7 and net-20
Payment Treshold: $200
Payment Methods: Bank Transfer, Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoins, ePayments.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***