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Airbnb APAC

Airbnb APAC

Offer Details

  • Category : Travel & Tourism, Booking
  • Lead (€) : 86.47
  • Last Updated : 19 Mar 2019
  • Countries : Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Russia


Airbnb Host affiliate program 

(APAC region)

If you qualify, you'll help your users earn extra income as Airbnb hosts. Showcase Airbnb hosting opportunities for your audience and earn a commission for each new host who signs up.

Airbnb Supply tracks 4 actions within the conversion funnel, but only Booked Listing is paid for:

Raw Listing – New host inputs basic sign-up information 
Active Listing – Host makes listing searchable + available for booking
Booked Listing – Host has listing booked by guest (First time booked listing*)
Host Payout – Guest has checked into listing for 1+ day

*First time booked listing – Booking of a first apartment of a new user or a first booking of a new apartment of an existing user (if he has no more than 5 apartments).

All actions in the conversion funnel are tracked so you can see your statistics. 


Minimun booked listing amount is $25
6 actions per click: if a partner has 5 or more raw listings for the one host account they won’t track any longer
No promocodes/deals sites, AdWords, brand bidding, youtube. Cashback is allowed.
You should use only pre-approved content. You can view the below pre-approved article and more in Word Doc form through this link.

Useful information:

Top geos in EMEA: UK & Nordics, Spain & Portugal, Russia Group, France & Belgium, Italy, DACH , CEE
Top traffic types: content sites that write about investment/making money, travel, lifestyle, real estate.


Language: you can find both short & long length pre-approved content here.
Images: you also have access to pre-approved imagery here.
Please, read the Rules carefully. 

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