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Monetization tool. We test and integrate mobile campaigns in order to create optimized funnels for every affiliate, publisher or media buyer business model. has 3 mobile traffic moneymaking concepts, that you as an affiliate marketer, newbie or experienced, can immediately start running offers with them:

1. Using HybridLink®, a tool that suits all, affiliates, media buyers, publishers and that will make your life easier, while improving the monetization process and increase your revenues by at least 25% after implementation. Set it up once and you get access to thousands of single offers, freedom of choice in selecting what YOU see fit for your audience & more, all in ONE place, with no other tracking tool or platform needed. Don’t waste money testing campaigns, advertise only top campaigns tested with millions of daily visits, in your own mix and with your own set of rules!

2. Sending it directly to over 12.000 direct singular offers from a variety of verticals available worldwide, covering all payout models, exclusive deals and unlimited capping. All offers are tested with in-house traffic before being deployed live, so that your users won’t be the guinea pigs ☺!

3. No time to be on top of each offer, our Smartlink® will auto-optimize your traffic. We run performance-benchmarked SmartLinks, practically it’s one single URL, tailored on each affiliate’s traffic type, that covers all GEOs with an in-house developed algorithm that segments traffic, providing the most profitable offers for each specific target. This tool allows you not only to target offers that match your every visitor with tailored ads to meet the criteria of your user (Country, Connection, Carrier/WiFi, Device, OS, Browser, Day/Night Parting & more), but also can be used as a fallback/remnant solution for the campaigns you run singularly and backfire, reach capping or you simply get a solid volume of un-targeted bulk traffic.

You get all the tools you need to monetize up to 99,9% of your traffic. No matter which is more suited for you, you will have everything in house: performance, highest conversion direct offers, optimization and last, but not least, custom guidance from experienced Affiliate Managers. And everything is for free! No costs, no subscriptions fees!

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