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  • Category : Internet, Web, & Tech Software
  • Lead ($) : $ 16.00
  • Last Updated : 22 Feb 2019


MacScan will seek and destroy malware threatening your Mac, including trojan horses, keystroke loggers, spyware, adware, and more. Additionally, MacScan eliminates privacy threats including tracking cookies and other clutter left behind by web browsers. *MSRP: $49.99Sale conversion occurs upon completed sale.*This commission offer may take up to 60 days following the month the conversion occurs to lock as approved or denied. This is due to the fact that the merchant allows a window of time for cancellations and returns, and any cancelled or refunded orders during this period will be revoked. The cancellation/return rate is typically low on this offer. The merchant will notify us of any publishers who have an abnormally high removal rate, as they will consider that a key performance indicator of quality.

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Service Description
PeerFly is a cost per action based affiliate advertising network, which is based out of Alachua, Florida. We can guarantee to meet or beat other network payouts. We also offer a 5% lifetime referral commission, some of our publishers earn thousands per month from referral earnings alone!

Detailed Overview
PeerFly has been custom built so that the program does not have to rely on any hosted mechanics. This means that the site will be up and running when potential customers are at your website and therefore there are no lost commissions due to server or system failure. We also guarantee 100% accurate tracking, even if an end-user doesn't accept cookies, or if our session is lost.

PeerFly currently has thousands of publishers from around the world and are accepting more each day. Our screening process is simple, non-intrusive (no phone interviews!), and usually has a 1-3 hour approval time. With 1,100 current advertising campaigns and a solid network-wide conversion rate of 5-20%, today would be a great day to join PeerFly!
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