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Jackpots Finder - Live Graphs (iPhone 10.3+, iPad 10.3+) CA - Incent Share

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Jackpots Finder is your to-go app for everything related to finding online progressive jackpots. Using Jackpots Finder, you’ll be able to find, track and follow progressive jackpots from all tiers, themes and genres. Jackpots Finder’s data is based on real-time info from the progressive jackpots themselves, providing fresh data to users. 

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  • Category : Games
  • ($) : $ 0.20
  • Last Updated : 19 May 2018


OFFERSEVEN is a leading innovative global mobile advertising platform for Games and Apps. Ever since its establishment in 2013, OFFERSEVEN has helped a huge number of mobile advertisers deliver engaged users to their mobile products on a risk free CPI basis. Our platform supports both non-incentivized and incentivized traffic sources. Consisting of traffic from both iOS and Android mobile platforms, OFFERSEVEN's traffic comes mostly from our trusted SDK sources. We deliver this quality worldwide traffic through a wide variety of mobile advertising formats.

For mobile app developers and publishing companies, OFFERSEVEN provides proven and trusted monetization options through our high-performance campaigns. We offer some of the industry's most attractive rates and ROI.

We use High-efficient Orangear platform
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