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Interswinger [CA] DOI Mobile Share

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Geos: offer available in FR/BE/CH/CA/IT/ES/PT. Target: Male 25+, all devices. Many landers and other payout types available.

Offer Details

  • Category : Dating
  • Lead (€) : 1.70
  • Last Updated : 01 May 2018


Prelinker is the leading dating marketplace with more than 400 in-house offers.

Want to increase your traffic revenue? We buy your worldwide traffic and we offer you the best EPCs in the market!

The advantages of becoming a Prelinker affiliate:

- Get the highest EPC on the dating market. We constantly challenge and optimize every offer and every landing in our own flows.

- 1 smartlink = 164 geos. Definitely the best way to monetize all your geos! Our algorithm chooses the best EPC offer for each of your visitors, according to more than 250 parameters.

- 400+ top converting dating offers and 20+ verticals: adult, casual, mainstream, milf, gay, black, swinger, asian and many other niches.

- Build your exclusive brand with our personalized white label solution

- Get the highest click rate with our auto-optimization iframe banners

- Earn up to $10/CPL

- Monthly minimum payment from 100$

- Welcome bonus: $1,000

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You can also reach an account manager on skype : prelinker_am1

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