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Live Sex Chat (CPA) (Carrier: All) (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phone, BlackBerry, Kindle, Desktop) INTL 68 countries - Non incent Share

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User flow:Signup Form SubmitCarrier targeting:AllUser flow:1. Users click the banner 2. Users insert the requested details 3. Users click the confirmation button 4. The pixel is firedIf the user unsubscribes within the first 7 days, the lead will be disqualified and will not count towards a payout;Duplicate accounts will not count towards a payout;

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  • Category : Web
  • ($) : $ 3.20
  • Last Updated : 18 Jun 2018
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A Digital Performance Marketing Network is a trusted name among affiliates, founded in Las Vegas, USA. We have already brought results to our Clients and Partners.

Our mission is to help them to benefit from the comprehensive strategy and the advanced technologies of MotorMobile. Our focus is on app installs, mobile subscriptions and lead generation. We do more than buying and selling media, we guarantee success for our Clients.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***