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Addiction | Alcohol and Drug Rehab | RAW, 5, 15, 30, and 180 Second Options | USA | Share


Addiction Treatment Helpline can help find the best solution for you or a loved ones struggle with addiction. We take the approach to by finding you the right 30 day treatment program that is best suited for your needs, lets us help get you or a loved one break the cycle and pain of addiction.

We know the barriers to successful drug and alcohol treatment and that a persons environment of people, places and things cause cycle to continue on. Let us find the best possible treat options for your needs.

ADDICTION PAYOUT: Payout is based on keypress.

Keypress 1: If the caller wants info on AA or NA meetings, the keypress will be 1. The payout will be $3 with a 5 second connect duration. Once budgets are hit, there will be no payout for this keypress.

Keypress 2: Represents a caller with government insurance or no insurance. Payout is a variable rate based on time of day and advertiser receiving the call.

-$20 for 15 seconds

Keypress 3: Represents a caller with PPO insurance. Payout is a variable rate based on time of day and advertiser receiving the call.

-$325 for 180 seconds

RAW Campaign
-$40 for 30 seconds

Offer Details

  • Category : Addiction, Treatment, Rehab
  • Lead ($) : $ 325.00
  • Last Updated : 09 Apr 2018
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