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Quibids (US, CA) - Contextual (Pop Included) Share

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Allowed media types: Desk-Pops.Quibids is one of the largest and reputable online/penny auction advertisers in the industry and this offer is DIRECT. They have huge marketing budget and is constantly buying TV and radios ads.

We have the 2 of their best versions of LPs. Solid payout and opened to CA and US.

Custom payout to good quality pub and uncap option.

Default landing page is US Regular Auto-Play landing page. Contact your AM for details.

End user goes to the landing page, create a profile and purchase a bidpack (cost for user $60USD) - pixel fires at confirmation/thank you page for the bidpack purchase.

Offer Details

  • Category : Shopping/ecommerce Auctions
  • CPA ($) : $ 24.00
  • Last Updated : 21 May 2018

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