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Price: Free A great media player will help you enjoy music, movies, and TV shows like never before. Video Player Inc is one of the best video players for Android that delivers the uncompromised audio and video experience on your Android smartphone devices. Converts at other. Installl, launch and Play a video.

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  • Last Updated : 22 Jan 2018
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Adscend Media

Adscend Media we're not just another CPA Network. Adscend Media was founded in February 2009 by veterans of the incentive marketing industry. We are a performance-based network that focuses on digital content monetization. Our services are popular with both internet marketers and webmasters of content-rich websites, for their ability to generate high revenues from content that they can easily create or distribute.

Our flagship content gateway is an easy and powerful way of monetizing virtually any type of online content. When a person visits a webpage that includes our gateway, an overlay will appear and block access to the content. Once the visitor completes their choice of an offer, the gateway is removed so they can access the content. Our content gateway tool is optimized to automatically select the highest-performing offers or you can choose specific offers to present to your users. You can easily customize the appearance of your content gateway as well.

Content ideas

-> Ebooks (with proper distribution rights)
-> Instructional guides or videos (e.g. video game tips, guitar lessons)
-> Fonts, wallpapers, Windows themes
-> Graphics: icons, stock photos/images, textures
-> Templates: web, Flash, Wordpress, forum themes, etc.
-> File conversion sites (doc, pdf, media)
-> Code, plugins, browser add-ons, royalty free sounds
-> Guitar tabs, bass tabs, sheet music, etc.
-> Music (with proper distribution rights)
-> Software downloads (with proper distribution rights)
-> Premium content area of your website
-> And much more!

Why Adscend Media?

-> Highest EPCs
-> Global monetization
-> Quality offers
-> Superior support staff
-> Payment on time, every time
-> Proprietary tracking platform
-> Top-tier advertisers

Our powerful monetization tools are just one part of our broader operations as a CPA network, serving publishers of all experience levels with various traffic sources - search, banner, contextual, incentive, and more.

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