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Diet Duet - ES

Diet Duet - ES

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  • Category : Diet & Weightloss
  • Lead ($) : $ 21.00
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan 2019


Diet Duet is a drink based on natural ingredients for weight loss and appetite suppression, with a help of which you lose weight both during the day and at night.
Diet Duet MORNING speeds up metabolism, helps to control appetite, stimulates fat burning, providing energy for the entire day. Grapefruit is extremely rich in fiber, which will aid in controlling the intake of calories throughout the day. 
Diet Duet EVENING helps to suppress appetite, prevents fat deposition during sleep, normalizes metabolism. Apart from its direct help in improvement of metabolism, matcha calms the mind and relaxes the body. It is also rich in fiber, chlorophyll and vitamins, enhances mood and aids in concentration. 
- Promotes weight loss by speeding up metabolism
- Supports metabolism & fat oxidation
- Weight management.
Active ingredients:  Matcha powder, L-carnitine, Grapefruit seed extract, Chromium.
Mode of application: mix full sachet (8 g) with a glass (200 ml) of lukewarm water until complete dissolution. Take morning and evening sachets at the appropriate time of day 20 minutes before eating.

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