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We are launching ICO to create Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace! Digital marketing vitally needs a safe and fast blockchain affiliate marketplace based on smart contract with own coins to pay for membership, traffic and instant exhange in other cryptocurrencies.The goal is to become a unique product - perfectly transparent Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace. We want to embed a new format of traffic purchasing in ADP tokens all over the world as it becomes clear that familiar CPA marketing model loses its ground. Adpump Blockchain Affiliate Marketplace is:·  A decentralized tracking marketplace with the list of CPA advertisers who pay fix commission to Adpump for tracking platform usage. Advertisers get the access to the list of publishers and can switch on or off any publisher they prefer. ·  A decentralized tracking platform for ICO offers with the opportunity to make (or receive) payment in cryptocurrency.·  Transparent platform for publishers with open access to statistics where they can check traffic, conversion, average click price, etc.·  Publishers can receive their payments on cryptocurrency no-name basis.·  Blockchain platform has its own currency – ADP token. Publishers can buy traffic from our partners in tokens and later convert them into new transactions.ADP token is a cryptocurrency within the marketplace system with the following functions:Payment tool - for the marketplace service (joining it and services)Payment tool - for traffic and target actions inside the systemAccess to detailed statistics and APITraffic buying – publishers can pay for the traffic from partners in tokens (popunder, teaser networks, mobile traffic networks);Buy tokens during pre-ICO with discount or during ICO without discountYou can buy tokens during pre-ICO with discount or during ICO without discountPayments in ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH cryptocurrency.Join Telegram:

Offer Details

  • Category : ICO
  • Offer Payout : 10 DSH
  • Last Updated : 22 Nov 2017


Adpump is a global performance marketing network presented in 14 countries with best mobile, ecom, game and travel advertisers. CPS, CPL, CPI, Smartlinks. We pay by paypal, wire and webmoney weekly.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***