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  • Category : Mobile Internet, Web, & Tech
  • Lead ($) : $ 9.00
  • Last Updated : 25 Sep 2017

Mundo Media

MUNDO Media is a performance-based online advertising network that delivers amazing results for its Advertisers, is easy to manage and provides highly profitable revenue streams for its Publishers.

MUNDO Media delivers targeted customers from a variety of websites, search portals, newsletters and contextual Publishers. Mundo Media manages this marketplace of online Publishers eager to generate revenue by promoting products and Advertisers wishing to acquire new customers.

Scalable Solutions
MUNDO Media generates targeted quality volume in real-time environment via direct marketing resulting in fast return on investment and pushing forward campaign growth.

MUNDO Media has access to billions of performance-based impressions, from many Fortune 1000 and Fortune 500 companies.
Outstanding Customer Service

Our elite and knowledgeable publisher team understands how to target offers to the right traffic channels. Publishers can be ensured the best campaign results. The MUNDO team constantly monitors the campaigns to help advertisers understand how to make their offers more effective in the marketplace. The MUNDO team aslo strives to ensure Advertisers are getting the optimal results and Publishers are getting the highest revenue returns. MUNDO Media prides itself on forward thinking and upward growth.
High-quality traffic - High-quality Advertisers

Publishers are all pre-screened to ensure high calibre traffic for our Advertisers to help protect and control brand equity.

Publishers are ensure top converting offers and are educated and guided to most effective traffic channels.
Superior technology

MUNDO's proprietary technology and developments allow us to lead the way in global direct marketing to bring top publishers and advertisers together in one synergistic flow and connecting partners together both internationally and regionally for optimal results.
Better ROI

Guaranteed high payouts for Publishers, competitive CPA for Advertisers
Publishers present only the best payout and favourable payment terms for growth and customize growth plans.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***