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Zoosk (iPhone 7.0+) US - Non incent Share


 soft KPI: day1 retention rate, 20% Blackisted Sources: 3pxmedia, 8Crops, Aarki, Adattract, Adbazaar, Adcash, AdCrimson, LLC, AdFox, Adgate, Adiquity, Admeld, Admobix, Admobsphere, Adscend, AdsonMobi, AdsPRO, Advolution LLC, Adwool, Adxmi, AffiliateLock, Affiliaxe, Apkmod, Appave, Appdriver , AppNana, AppProtein, Apprevolve, Astoria, Avazu, AVH Digital, BidderPlace, BidsOpt, Blackfox, Blindferret, Bluetonic, Brusmedia, CAReward, ChoiceStream, ClearLink, Clickadu, ClickDealer, Clickky, Clicksmob, Comboapp, CornerBlue, CPASaw, Crunchie Media, Deicated media, Everbadge, Evoleads, Exclusive Pubs, Flame Digital, Free-My-App, Frozenads, Geekmobile, GeenApp, GMOTech, Go Offers, Gree, GuadianAds, iFunny, iHandy, Inmedia, Intela, Ironsource / Mobilecore, iWoop, Jayohmedia, JudoAds, JungleTap, Khing, Ksix, Lead wave, LeadAds, Leadhug, Lollitap, Lysthia Technologies, Macklife Media, Mar Mar media, Metaps, Microcube, Milodi, Minimob, Misterbell, MobAir, Mobaloo, Mobave, MobcoMedia, Mobilda, Mobileleader, Mobiprofit, Mobite Media, Mobitoday, Mobligo, Mobomatic, Mobusi, Mobvertising, Mundo media, NDemand Affiliates, Neverblue, oDigger, OfferBlue, OfferChart, OfferSeven, Offervault, Opera Mediaworks, Pay Per Leads, Peerfly, PerformanceRevenues, Phatlinks media, PointClick track, Profit Kings Media, Prosper, Purify Digital, Pushpullads, Rainy Day Marketing, React2Media, Regaming, RevenueAds, Sabia Media, Slimspots, SnowFox Media, Sonder and Belvoir, Sponsorpay / Fyber, Spyke Media, Startapp, Steelfuse, Inc, SupersonicAds, Surikate, Switch, Taigamobile, Tapgen, Tapgerine, Teramio Group, The Affiliate Network, The Way Holdings, The Wink Initiative, Token Ads, Torqmo, Traffic Posse, Trafficjunky, Triad Media, Tyroo, Ucweb- Affiliate, Velis Media., Velti/Mobclix, VibeAds, Vinko, Vittalia Group, Wadogo, Woobi, WOW trk, Xertivemobile, Youappi, Zephyr Digital.

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  • Category : Financial Freebie Lead Gen
  • Lead ($) : $ 2.02
  • Last Updated : 22 Mar 2017


Playbeat is the Mobile APPs Advertising Network. We can provide you with the number of mobile advertising formats from both non-incentivized and incentivized traffic sources.
Mostly specialized in Tier 1, RU, Asia, IN, ID GEOs. We are focused on promotion of CPI based applications for different verticals for Android and iOS devises.

Our traffic sources are:
- Media Buyers who can provide in-APP display, video ads traffic.
- Ad networks

We also have over 20 own developed APPs. Currently we are on the stage of launching our own SDK that allow us to promote campaigns based on our own traffic.

We can set targeting for GEOs, versions of OS, devices. It is also possible to set the targeting for gender, age, interests, cities on the side of our publishers.

We would be glad to cooperate with you in order to promote your CPI campaigns.

*** This Network is Invite-Only ***