CamSoda PPS (US,CA)

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Offer Name: CamSoda PPS (US,CA)
Payout: $90.00 / lead
Preview: No Preview Available
Categories: Web Cams
Network: Paysale
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021
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Webmasters who send pay-per-sign up or PPS traffic will receive a commission per new member to the Sites who make a purchase which is not refunded or charged back. The new member must be from the United States or Canada, all other members will be paid as revenue share.   You are not permitted to promote any or all of the Sites or Site Names, either directly or indirectly (including, but not limited to, promoting or sending traffic to any Referral Site), through any type of paid search advertising, including, without limitation, Google AdWords or Bing Ads.   Subject to the limitations in the paragraph above and pursuant to the license granted to you herein, Program will permit you to use any and all Site Names that you may choose in connection with promoting the Sites so long as such website domain name(s) registered by you does not infringe on Program's, Program's affiliated entities' or any third party's intellectual property rights, defame, insult or otherwise harass anyone, and does not promote or suggest any illegal activity. Program does not permit email marketing or promotion of the Sites. You acknowledge and agree that any email marketing by you will be grounds for immediate termination from Program, without pay.   Following is a list of what Program deems to constitute fraudulent activity: Multiple subscriptions coming from the same I.P. address within a short period of time; Multiple or sequential subscriptions with credit cards which have the same bin number; Multiple subscriptions from the same credit card number; Purchases which are cancelled within thirty (30) days of sign-up; Credit card used for subscription is in a 'negative' database; Credit card with a bin number which is listed in the 'negative' database; and A sudden surge in subscriptions from you.


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