Motor Vehicle Accident (Includes Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Pedestrian & Bike) ($200 on a qualified call)

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Offer Name: Motor Vehicle Accident (Includes Car, Motorcycle, Truck, Pedestrian & Bike) ($200 on a qualified call)
Payout: $200.00 / lead
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Categories: Legal / Pay Per Call
Network: Astoria Company
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021
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$200 on a CPA. Qualified call is: Motor Vehicle Accident Qualifiers: 1. Caller was injured in a car, truck or motorcycle accident 2. Caller stated date of accident is less than two years 3. Caller stated the accident resulted in injury that resulted in hospitalization, medical treatment, surgery, missed work OR the accident happened with in the last 72 hours 4. Caller stated that the accident was all or partially the fault of another party 5. Caller stated that they are not represented by an attorney for this matter. Monthly, Net 30 States Accepted: ca, ct, fl, ga, id, il, md, mo, nv, ny, tx, ut, va, wa Reason for Monthly, Net 30: "We have a very robust follow-up process and it can take days/weeks for a call to qualify. In other words, an inbound call comes in from one of your pubs and the consumer hangs up after being on hold for 5 seconds. Our agents will attempt to redial that consumer up to 7X over the course of 10 days or so. It’s not a lot, but we do see leads that convert 10 days after their first initial call. We report conversions back to the original date of the first call so if you sent a call on the 20th the conversions on the 20th can get better with time. If we pay too soon or too frequent before the lead has been exhausted it creates headaches in trying to reconcile everything. Net 30 is usually the best solution."

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