Social Security Disability ($20 on a 2 min) - Transfers

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Offer Name: Social Security Disability ($20 on a 2 min) - Transfers
Payout: $20.00 / lead
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Categories: Health and Wellness / Pay Per Call
Network: Astoria Company
Last Updated: Jan 12, 2021
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We are looking for callers between the ages of 49 and 62 and have a medical condition that will prevent them from working for a year or more. They must not already be receiving Social Security Benefits and want a free consultation on how to get benefits. ?How much does it cost to file a claim? Costs vary per case, but you can discuss this during your free consultation. Most importantly, if your Disability Benefits claim is not successful, you won’t pay a dime. If I am denied how can I appeal the decision? The SSA will mail you the necessary appeal forms which you will need to complete and send back in order to appeal the decision. We can simplify the appeals process by completing these forms on your behalf. USA What do I do if my claim was denied? Don’t give up – Reach out to one of our friendly staff members to get started on your appeal and other next steps. I don’t have insurance, how can I get medical treatment? Ongoing medical treatment is the key to winning your claim. We advise our clients to see their doctors regularly. If you do not have insurance, we will help you find free clinics or hospitals in your area. How severe does my injury/illness need to be in order to qualify? Your medical condition must be established by a trained physician and cause “marked” and “severe” functional limitations. Most importantly, your impairment must meet or equal a Social Security “Listing” or prevent you from sustaining “gainful activity”.

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