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Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021
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Paralab - ID
Help anti-parasites: deworming ascarids, trichocephalus, ancylostomiasis, pinworms, toxocaras, strongyloides stercoralis, echinococcus, liver flukes and other parasites. Help eliminating parasites, deworms on blood and parasite’s eggs out of body. There are no adverse effects like another types. Help improve the function of body parts: Restoring digestive system, regenerating benificial bacteria and removing harmful bacteria, resisting infections, protecting the vascular wall. Help you eat better due to the degestive system was revived. Enhance the health: Help protect the heart, liver, lung, stomach and skin from the parasites. Enhace the resistance: Help digestiver system, cardiovascular system and joints work well. Besides, help sleep well. Detox the liver, purify the body: Help reduce the harmful affects (alcohol, chemiscal) to the body. Reduce the bad breadh and purify the body. Box: 30 capsules. CC working hours 8h30 - 21h  ( TZ +7) non-cover areas PAPUA, MALUKU UTARA, SULAWESI UTARA, PAPUA BARAT, GORONTALO ,MALUKU,NUSA TENGGARA TIMUR (NTT)


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