Bitcoin Superstar - Smartlink - 58 Countries

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Offer Name: Bitcoin Superstar - Smartlink - 58 Countries
Payout: $552.50 / cpa
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Categories: Crypto
Network: AdCombo
Last Updated: Feb 01, 2021
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Bitcoin Superstar - Smartlink - 58 Countries
Vertical: Forex Flow: Converts on FTD (First-Time-Deposit). The min deposit is $250. KPI: No KPI Description: (contains, type, service description, etc.) LP language is adopted to the browser language.  Payout is passed in the postback. Limits: Contact manager  Restrictions: Incentive, fraud, bot, spam of promising false things "win free bitcoin"  Offer has multiple postback set-up: 1. Initial - unpayable event; refers to a registration 2. Complete - payable conversion; means an FTD. 3. Loyalty - not used.  Hold time: 14 days   Working hours of call-centers: Monday-Friday (if any changes, you'll know that on Friday) GEO Working hours Time Zone Sweden 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Denmark, Finland 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Norway 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Iceland 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Netherlands 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Russia, Poland 09:00-22:00 GMT+2 Spain 08:00-15:00 GMT+2 Malaysia 08:00-15:00 GMT+2 Phillippines 08:00-15:00 GMT+2 Trinidad d Tobago 12:00-21:00 GMT+2 Thailand 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Ireland 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 United Kingdom 09:00-21:00 GMT+2 France 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Belgium 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Canada 24/7   Australia 24/7   New Zealand 24/7   Germany 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Austria 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Switzerland 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Portugal 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Czech Republic 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Greece 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Brazil 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Italy 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Hong Kong 08:00-15:00 GMT+2 Singapore 08:00-15:00 GMT+2 GCC 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 South Africa 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Slovakia 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Croatia 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Chile 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Mexico 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Peru 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Guatemala 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Panama 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Colombia 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Costa Rica 17:00-02:00 GMT+2 Latvia 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Lithuania 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Slovenia 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Kenya 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Nigeria 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Ghana 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Brunei 09:00-20:00 GMT+2 Bahamas 09:00-20:00 GMT+2


AdCombo is a CPA affiliate network with the exclusive offers targeted on tier-2 geos: Eastern Europe, South Asia and Latin America. The strongest niches are beauty products, nutra, weight loss, health and adult products with an absolutely new scheme of conversion: only 2 lines to fill in, cash on delivery. We pay twice a week via PayPal, Paxum, Wire and Webmoney