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YesAdvertising is a leading provider of online advertising, with over 16 years of industry experience.

YesAdvertising has highly targeted desktop & mobile exclusive traffic available globally. Each impression monitors through Traffic Quality Engine (TQE) before delivering to the marketing campaigns. Our TQE has been designed to score each IP, detect & intercept fraudulent activity in real time. Yesadvertising makes sure the traffic that meets Forensiq, DobleVerify and IAS standards.

YesAdvertising also uses Programmatic Advertising Technology to boost ROI and to provide the most complete picture of every ad’s performance.

YesAdvertising offers the full service campaign management, with multiple targeting options, cost metrics, traffic quality assessments, and automatic optimization through programmatic technology. Our customer service team is filled by top-notch media specialists that are standing by to offer our advertisers and publishers personalized assistance.

There are currently thousands of advertisers and publishers who are using YesAdvertising. Today, the platform is serving ads in 150 countries with +500 million impressions served daily.

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