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OGame | SOI | Global

OGame | SOI | Global

Offer Details

  • Category : Browser, Games
  • Lead ($) : $ 2.90
  • Last Updated : 20 Jan 2021
  • Countries : NA


OGame is your portal to a new world: build an empire in outer space, forge alliances and experience thrilling fleet combat.


✘ Brand bidding✘ Mobile ✘ Incentive traffic✘ Please also check the 'Blacklist' file in creatives folder. There are included all the blacklisted webpages. Placing the advertising materials there is strictly forbidden. It is necessary to divide various traffic sources regardless of their type for better optimization. For each of your sources, create a new one in the ‘Traffic Sources’ panel and use it as a tracking link.Not respecting these restrictions could result in all payments being withheld.


Soft KPI's 1 Day Return Rate (percentage of users who have logged into the game on the second day after signup) – 20%Revenue 7d/cost (return on advertising spend within the first 7 days after signup) – 15%Hard KPI's 1 Day Return Rate – 10%Revenue 7d/cost – 3.75%

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