Winergy INTL - All Languages

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Offer Name: Winergy INTL - All Languages
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Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021
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Winergy INTL - All Languages
One charging pad to conquer them all! Wireless charging pads aren't a novelty, they are a convenient and stylish way to top off your phone without hunting for cables. Simply put down your phone on the surface and let it charges, perfect for a desk or a night stand. Winergy is fast charging and works with all phones supporting wireless charging. Winergy is universal, good looking and useful.It features a 380mAh battery which can run from 3-5 days depending on usage, charging is fast as well, about 1h. The main Home button can unlock the screen if the gesture unlock option is off. Screen resolution is very good and colors well defined. The LCD display is hardly notable making it look very close to OLED or even AMOLED. It features an advanced App which can sync with the Phone and read fitness data, it can also display live ECG diagrams. BarXStop is an ultrasonic dog bark control devives that will help control dogs and their barking. No animal cruelty like electric shock collars, BarXStop emits a sound that is unpleasant for the dog and hence deterring their excessive barking. The offer has varius sales angles, as it is also great for those who are afraid of dogs as a self-defence kit to avoid being attacked by stray or aggressive dogs. One button operated, light and safe to animals. Pixel fire on sale. Credit Card and Paypal payment option accepted. All traffic method allowed except incentive. All marketing method allowed.

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