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Fortnite [DOI] Many GEOs

Fortnite [DOI] Many GEOs

Offer Details

  • Category : Online Games, Client
  • Offer Payout : 0.60EUR-1.20EUR
  • Last Updated : 21 Oct 2020
  • Countries : NA


Only content resources & YouTube channels are allowed to join! / Moderation time is extended

Creatives for Chapter 2 Season 4 are here!
Third Party Event Assets

Brand Guideline - Please see


Sale and resale of Fortnite accounts are prohibited.
Prohibited advertising  of online stores selling Fortnite and accounts for the Fortnite

Using advertising materials that have no concern with Fortnite and can mislead a player is strictly forbidden! If Publishers want to use self-made materials, all of them must be approved by the Advertiser before they can deploy them.

It is forbidden to add links under the videos that have no LetsPlay about Fortnite. It is forbidden to make pre-rolls.

If any rules are broken, Publisher will be banned from the program and denied all payment.

Please take into consideration the above information. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical support or your personal manager.

Apply to new affiliate program Fortnite [DOI] Many GEOs!

Battle Royale - The reason we're all here! A free to play100 men Battle Royale with fast-paced gameplay and a touch of resource gathering/base building!

Key features:

Battle Royale - The reason we're all here! A free to play 100 men Battle Royale with fast-paced gameplay and a touch of resource gathering/base building!
Build & Survive – inspired by games like Rust, Minecraft, and Left 4 Dead. Co-op gameplay requires players to band together to survive. Both combat and crafting are extremely polished.
Four Classes – play as the Commando, Ninja, Constructor, or Scavenger. Each class has its own unique abilities and perks.
Powerful Engine – first Unreal 4 powered game from Epic Games. Great graphics, interface, and music.
Production Value – unique art style, high frame rate, and smooth gameplay.

Master banners and creatives

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