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Canada (CA) - Norton AntiVirus Plus (Responsive)

Canada (CA) - Norton AntiVirus Plus (Responsive)

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile
  • Lead ($) : $ 32.00
  • Last Updated : 25 Oct 2020
  • Countries : Canada, Norway


Target Traffic: Desktop & Mobile Display

Conversion Flow: The pixel fires when the user makes a purchase.

Allowed traffic:

  • POP
  • Display
  • Social
  • Cashback & Rewards
  • Incentive
  • Push Notifications
  • Adult content sites
  • Contextual
  • Native
  • SMS


  • Brand bidding
  • Email marketing
  • Use only the creatives provided by the advertiser. Any custom banner/prelander should be approved in advance. Please contact with your Account Manager.

KPI: Hit a 0.5 ROI

Advertising practices:

Affiliate will use links, materials, URLs, and other NortonLifeLock content in a way to minimize the possibility of confusing customers or creates
inconsistencies in tracking/reporting sales.

Affiliate will include its own Privacy Policy and a “Contact Us” link on website(s).

Affiliate shall not: (a) provision leads obtained other than through intended consumer (“End User”) action; (b) use fake redirects, automated software, or other mechanisms to general compensable activity; or (c) take actions not in good faith, such as those using any device, robot, iframes or hidden frames.

Affiliate will not bid on search terms on search engines or other directory or referral services (e.g. Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and Overture) that will increase the number of potential Customers that are referred to or driven to the Storefront, without prior written consent.

Affiliate can request participation in the search channel by NortonLifeLock with prior consent.

Affiliate agrees that it may not pass off Affiliate’s website as a NortonLifeLock website or promote itss website in a way that is likely to confuse or mislead third parties into thinking that site is NortonLifeLock, a partner of NortonLifeLock or sponsored by NortonLifeLock; this prohibition includes, but is not limited to, copying and framing any of the NortonLifeLock web pages, using “NortonLifeLock Store” as the headline on any paid search advertisement and using colors or online design elements associated with the NortonLifeLock or Norton Brand.

Affiliate will not use coupon codes or link to coupons from any other Affiliate network when promoting offers. Affiliate will not suggest combining coupon codes in any verbiage on Affiliate’s website.

Affiliate will comply with all laws and regulations, whether foreign, federal, state or local, applicable to the activities performed hereunder, specifically including any European Union data protection laws, Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act (CAN-SPAM) and Canada Anti-Spam Law (CASL). Affiliate will comply with policies regarding spam.

Affiliate will not use on its site adware, scumware, Trojan horses, malware and/or the like. Affiliate will comply with Privacy Policy and Legal Notices.

Affiliate will not make any communications concerning warranties, representations about the NortonLifeLock product, regarding order status, NortonLifeLock service or availability of the foregoing.

Affiliate may not refer to NortonLifeLock in any capacity, orally or in writing, for any purpose, without prior written consent. “NortonLifeLock Content” includes all materials, documents, text, links, banners, ads, images or any other items provided to Affiliates for its participation in the Program.

Affiliate may not post adult-oriented content on any page on which the NortonLifeLock Content appears.

Affiliate may not post any offensive content or incorporate images or content that is in any way harmful, threatening, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable, or promote discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or age as determined by the advertiser at it sole discretion.

Affiliate may use the links and/or banner provided solely in the form in which they are provided.

Affiliate may not alter the NortonLifeLock Content in any fashion. Subject to the limitations contained herein, Affiliate may place such links and/or banner ads on website in whatever location prefers. Affiliate has no other rights to use NortonLifeLock Content, or other NortonLifeLock intellectual property, in any manner.

Affiliate may generate banners, text links or other creatives for use in the offer, provided such creatives comply with NortonLifeLock’s Trademark and Logo Use Guidelines. If advertiser notifies Affiliate of misuse of its Creative by the Affiliate then the Affiliate shall take immediate action to stop the misuse.

As for creatives, the introductory price and renewal price must be clearly labeled and be in close proximity to each other. At a minimum, the renewal price must be disclosed in the same color/size font and very near the CTA (directly above or directly below).  The disclosures must appear in advertising prior to the final cart or checkout pages. (You can ask for an example).

Strikethrough is only for true discounts/sales. The strikethrough price is no longer an acceptable means for purposes of disclosing renewal pricing, nor for purposes of advertising a sale/promotion.

Saving Message (£off or X% off): only for true discounts/sales; should be based off the first-year price; no more MSRP. The new name for MSRP is “renewal price”. Savings messages must be removed. If affiliate wants to identify the discount via strikethrough, the price under the strikethrough must be the first-year price, not the renewal price.

Affiliate may create unique non-standard creative content for website(s) that contain NortonLifeLock Content or other NortonLifeLock intelectual property, but Affiliate must submit that unique creative content to prior written approval, before using it.

Affiliate will comply with NortonLifeLock’s trademark, copywriting and other intellectual property criteria and requirement. Affiliate will adhere to advertiser’s marketing policies and guidelines, including but not limited to logo usage and producto specific details. The advertiser retains the right toreview or ask to revise the content on Affiliate’s site. In such an event that the advertiser determines that Affiliate’s site content must be reviewed or revised, Affiliate must comply and make modifications within five (5) business days from receipt of the request. Affiliate agrees that it may not distribute, transfer, sublicense, or otherwise use any NortonLifeLock Content in a manner which is not specifically authorized or which is inconsistent with any term or provision of law.

Affiliate acknowledges that NortonLifeLock owns and will retain all right, title, and interest in all NortonLifeLock Content, including, without limitation any proprietary rights which may be developed in the future. Affiliate agrees that its use of NortonLifeLock Content inures exclusively to the benefit of NortonLifeLock, and Affiliate obtains no rights in NortonLifeLock Content thereof. Affiliate agrees that it may not use, or apply to register, any domain name or trademark incorporating the NortonLifeLock or Norton brand (or any part of it) or NortonLifeLock or Norton Product name without written consent.

Affiliate may not insert any type of tracking method or tracking data on any of the links for the Program or on any pages of the NortonLifeLock’s eStore, which would allow a session to be permanent or otherwise allow an entity to capture: (a) a browser in use by a potential NortonLifeLock; (b) any particular site; or (c) any information captured within a session that may be associated with an individual.

Affiliate acknowledges that the advertiser may terminate Affiliate’s participation in the Program at any time for its convenience.

Affiliate acknowledges that NortonLifeLock owns and has exclusive rights to any and all NortonLifeLock information which comes into its possession. Affiliate agrees that shall not introduce, drop or otherwise display any non-NortonLifeLock offers or advertisements on the NortonLifeLock’s eStore without prior written consent. Affiliate will not seek to interfere with or improperly influence a referral of a user to the NortonLifeLock’s eStore. Affiliateshall not seek to drive Internet traffic to the NortonLifeLock’s eStore through methods inconsistent with the terms of the Program, e.g. bypassing or circumventing Program- approved traffic screening methods or link referrals to the NortonLifeLock’s eStore.

Chargebacks and breach:

"Chargeback(s)" means the amount of money which has been: (i) deemed to have been refunded by or returned by the advertiser or Parties associated with it to NortonLifeLock based on a Click-through Sale that has been voided, retracted, subjected to returns, reversed due to fraud, or otherwise rescinded for any reason; or (ii) retrieved from, reserved against and/or charged against the advertiser or parties associated with it or any parties associated with NortonLifeLock credit card/debit card merchant account(s) under the terms of any applicable credit card merchant account(s). A Chargeback is a “Related Chargeback” to the extent that such Chargebacks arose out of, or relate to, particular Clickthrough Sale(s), regardless of whether the original Click-through Sale occurred during the current payment period or prior payment period.

Affiliate acknowledges that a breach of this Agreement may cause irreparable damage that cannot be remedied in monetary damages in an action at law, and may also constitute infringement of NortonLifeLock’s rights in and to its web site, trade names, trademark, copyrighted materials and/or logo. In the event of any breach that could cause irreparable harm to NortonLifeLock, or cause some impairment of or dilution of its reputation or trademark rights in NortonLifeLock’s logo, NortonLifeLock shall be entitled to an immediate injunction without bond, in addition to any other legal or equitable remedies.


  • Actions are locked 10 day(s) after end of the month they are tracked.
  • Actions are invoiced on the 12 of the month after they lock.
  • Approved transactions are paid not before 20 day(s) after end of the month they lock.

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