Syndicate Casino | NO, DK, AT

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Offer Name: Syndicate Casino | NO, DK, AT
Payout: $120.00 / lead
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Categories: Casino & betting
Network: Leadbit
Last Updated: Jan 31, 2021
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Syndicate Casino | NO, DK, AT
GEO: NO, DK, AU (minimum amount to pay 10 ftd) ALWAYS BEFORE CREATING THE FLOW, AGREE THE TRAFFIC WITH A PERSONAL MANAGER! test Cap 10 dep. Min Dep $ 20, baseline $ 20. Hold 15 days The target audience: men 25+   Not recommended (usually increases the chances of a decrease in payment and even non-payment): - Targeting women and ages not specified in the offer. - Targeting by interest categories: earnings, work at home, quick money, etc. - Indicate in creatives the amount of the minimum and simply low deposit, use phrases that motivate people to make minimum deposits. Users must decide for themselves on the amount and frequency of deposits. It is strictly forbidden: - Motivated traffic and traffic from axle boxes - Mislid (promises of what is not) - Traffic from schemes how to beat a casino and all that


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