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Greece- Mobile - Vodafone - Sexy TV - 1click

Greece- Mobile - Vodafone - Sexy TV - 1click

Offer Details

  • Category : Mobile, Adult, Carrier Billing
  • Sale ($) : $ 5.00
  • Last Updated : 16 Jul 2020
  • Countries : Greece


Country: Greece
Carrier: Vodafone
Name: Sexy TV
CPA: $5.00
Vertical: Sexy/Adult
Flow: 1-click (user lands on landing page with payment button)
PostbackFire: When user clicks """"buy"""" and is successfully charged
Daily CAP: 75
Payment Terms: NET30
Allowed Traffic: Mobile sexy, mobile adult, push, pop, native, display, dating, RTB, XML
Restrictions: No Spoofing, bots, malware, or otherwise fradulent traffic.
Supported devices: iOS, Android, Feature phones
Traffic Filter/Target: Mobile Carrier, Vodafone, 3G
Notes: Video playing in background, not a static image
Keywords: DCB, 3g, VAS, mobile, Vodafone, mobile carrier, CPA, 1 click, click flow

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Twistbox is a mobile VAS provider with in house exclusive offers targeting mobile carrier traffic. Our best offers are 1-click and 2-click flow so you can expect to earn much more with your mobile traffic. Our strongest vertical is sexy/adult but we also offer games in some geos. Our key markets are Portugal, Greece, South Africa, Czech Republic, and Spain.

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