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[S] Select My Policy - Health - Placement Proof Required

[S] Select My Policy - Health - Placement Proof Required

Offer Details

  • Category : CPA/ CPL, Display, Email, Insurance
  • Lead ($) : $ 7.00
  • Last Updated : 27 Nov 2020
  • Countries : United States

Description is the best converting long form health insurance offer in the marketplace. The site is built for speed and the form is very easy to complete. This offer is a must run.

Allowed Channels: Email, Display, Social, Search

Converts on - Full form submit

US Only
Targeted Age 25+

Restrictions: No Incent, Co-reg, CPA Walls
Search Traffic: no bidding on trademark terms including any insurance company's name, domain name, or any misspelling of the company's name and domain name.

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