Super Samples - CPL - ASK for Cap

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Offer Name: Super Samples - CPL - ASK for Cap
Payout: $2.40 / lead
Preview: Preview Landing Page
Categories: Coupons / CPA/ CPL / Display / Email
Network: Addicted Affiliate
Last Updated: Jan 21, 2021
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Super Samples - CPL - ASK for Cap
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Addicted Affiliate

Addicted Affiliate, the well-known network behind The Mailer Meetup and The SMS Meetup, is a staple in the affiliate marketing industry. Featuring a team of seasoned & respected industry vets and an impressive campaign (offer) catalogue across a wide range of verticals, featuring all of the current top performing offers, the Addicted Affiliate brand carries a name familiar to all within the Affiliate Marketing world. With Marketing, Media, and Conference partnerships across events such as Mailcon, DMIExpo, Leadscon, Affiliate World, Affiliate Ball, Virtual Digital Expo, and many others; Addicted Affiliate is widely recognized as the preferred home for big & small brand Advertisers and the preferred network for the industry’s top marketers.